• BMW M235 Flowforms

    HRE FlowForm 20% OFF Sale at Redline Speed Worx (RSW)

    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Team is happy to offer 20% Discount on FlowForm Orders! Long a market leader in forged wheels, HRE now offers its FlowForm line of wheels featuring iconic styling and a level of quality embodied by the HRE brand, all at an accessible price point. This cast flow formed wheel is […]

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  • BMW Akrapovic Carbon Exhaust Tips

    BMW F82 M4 Akrapovic Exhaust System

    Wednesday, December 9, 2015

    The RSW Service Team presents to you the Akrapovic Exhaust System for the F8x M3 / M4! The latest addition to the BMW M series is the awe-inspiring M3/M4, an exquisite high-performance car that can be made even better by adding an Akrapovič Slip-On exhaust system. Made from titanium—with some parts cast in Akrapovič’s own […]

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  • APR MQB 2015 ECU Upgrades

    APR ECU Upgrade: Unlocked 2015+ 1.8T / 2.0T

    Tuesday, December 8, 2015

    APR “Unlocks” OBD-II port flashing for all 1.8T and 2.0T Simos 18 ECUs! APR is pleased to announce all previously known “locked” Simos 18 ECUs are now DirectPort Programmable with any current stage of APR software at all APR dealers across the globe! The software install process is now a simple flash over the OBD-II port, just […]

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Shop News

Porsche 991 Turbo Akrapovic Exhaust Installation Center NJ

Akrapovic Porsche 991 Turbo: New Year, New Products

The New Year brings new Partnerships and our Team has become the Authorized Direct Distributor for Akrapovic Porsche Exhaust Systems for the Tri-State region!  To aide in increasing customer fulfillment times we have systems available for immediate installation here at our facility in Central New Jersey.  Specifically we currently have a systems in stock for […]

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BMW Rod Bearing Replacement in New Jersey

Rod Bearing Service: BMW E92 M3

Ladies & Gentlemen we have all known about BMW’s S65 V8 Rod Bearing issue for a good few years now but we feel like we keep learning every time we have another car come into our shop to complete a preventative Rod Bearing replacement. This particular example was extremely low mileage, only 28 thousand miles […]

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Nissan GT-R Alignment New Jersey

Taming Godzilla: GT-R Suspension Tuning

The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Service Team increases traction and handling with GT-R Suspension Tuning. When it comes to making power with GTR’s it is almost too easy. There are 4-5 companies out there making 1000+ hp bolt on turbo kits and multiple companies capable of building 7 second capable machines, AMS Performance, Switzer, and […]

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Latest Projects

Wesitec Engineering GLA Heat Shield

Mercedes GLA45 AMG: Weistec Performance Upgrades

The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Performance Team has a Mercedes GLA 45 AMG in the Lab today for a complete Weistec Engineering M133 W.2 Power Package Package. 401 WHP AND 425 WTQ ON 91 OCTANE FUEL! Turbocharged vehicles love free flowing exhaust. The most restrictive part of the exhaust on the CLA 45 and A 45 cars is […]

Audi R8 V10 Performance Upgrades

Audi R8 V10: Performance without Compromise

The Team at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) recently had the opportunity to work with the owner of this beautiful 2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus. What is essentially a “competition package” Audi R8 came into our facility 100% stock. The R8 was already extremely well equipped from the factory but there were a few minor areas […]

Audi Akrapovic Exhaust

Audi RS7 Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Upgrade

In all honesty there are some cars that are so good right out of the factory these days that they don’t NEED to be modified. Now, that is obviously just an opinion and we understand if and why you feel otherwise but the RS7 is probably one of those cars. Right off the showroom floor […]

New Jersey APR Performance Center

Audi S5: Supercharged APR Stage 3

The modern Audi S5 is a great car. It’s not the fastest, the lightest, nor the smallest. But it does lots of things very well, and we happen to think it’s a great GT cruiser. There are very few cars out there that are able to offer the all-season prowess combined with the big coupe […]



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