Track Day Tech Inspections

Porsche PCA Track Tech Inspections at RSW

Pre Track Day Vehicle INSPECTIONS  As part of the Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Service Team’s effort to offer services for all of our clientele, we are now offering track inspections for all sanctioning bodies. Whether it’s SCCA, NASA, PCA, etc we are willing and able to inspect your vehicle before your track outing.  There are a LOT […]

Corner Balancing: 993 Porsche C2S

993 Porsche Corner Weighing

Many people choose to lower their car for aesthetic purposes, some choose to lower their car for better cornering, and some choose to raise their car for increased ground clearance. Again, like every variable we have ever discusses there is a balance between too low and too high. In addition to ride height there is […]

SuperPro Chassis Upgrade: VW Golf R

VW Golf R SuperPro Bushing Upgrade

The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) recently had the opportunity to perform a complete chassis upgrade on a 2013 APR Stage 3 GTX VW Golf R.  Over the course of two days our Team essentially removed all of the factory OEM rubber bushings from the entire vehicle’s suspension and upgraded with SuperPro’s Poly Suspension Components & […]