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2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

2.0T TSI Timing Chain Failure Engine Replacement

Has your VW / Audi fallen victim to 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Failure?

Is your local dealership stating an engine replacement is now required?

Don’t worry!!! It’s not time to sell or junk your car just yet, with our Timing Chain Tensioner kit either ourselves or your local repair shop can have your car back up and running within a day! Purchase Online Now!

2.0T TSI Timing Chain Failure Engine Replacement

The 2.0T TSI engine found in 2009+ model year Volkswagen's & Audi's have moved away from a traditional "timing belt", which had a regular service interval of approximately every 70,000 to 80,000 miles. The newer TSI engines have moved to a "timing chain", which VW / Audi have stated as a non-servicable item and should last the life time of the vehicle. The theory behind this move was that a chain will a longer service life, and shouldn’t need to be repaired during the normal course of ownership. The reality is that although the chain itself and the rest of the hardware is well equipped to take 150,000+ miles without problem, the timing chain tensioner is not.

2.0T TSI Timing Chain Service

The service team at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) has increasingly begun seeing vehicles that have reached approximetly 80,000 miles and religiously followed the dealerships' prescribed 10,000 mile oil change interval, coming into our facility suffering the symptoms of a failed timing chain tensioner.

Failed Audi TFSI Timing Chain Tensioner


When the Timing Chain Tensioner Failure does occur in a running vehicle the valve-train & rotating assembly can spin freely of each other.  Due to the 2.0T being an interference engine this can cause catastrophic failure of the complete engine, or at a minimum destruction of the vehicle's cylinder head assembly, or un-repairable damage to the engine block itself.

VW TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Unit Removed


Have no fear, there is a solution to prevent this level of devastation to your 2.0T TSI engine!

The manufacture has recognized the issue of 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Failure, as a result a revised timing chain tensioner has been put to market as an "update" or "replacement" part. The timing chain tensioner has gone through many revisions before VW/Audi was able to come up with a proper solution that would make sure the correct tension was kept on the chain.The Service Team at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) has taken this a step further to ensure the longevity of your engine.

The Redline Speed Worx (RSW) timing chain tensioner kit is comprised of only the parts you NEED to change when this service happens.

All the parts included are OEM parts, not like oem, not oem replacement, these are the same parts that VW/Audi use from the factory. There are lots of other parts companies out there that sell kits but they include some things that you don’t need (unnecessary guides, hardware), and some even leave out pieces that you 100% should replace like the timing chain cover.

Basic VW & Audi 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Kit Overview

Purchase Online Now

VW / Audi 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Repair


We take great pride it not only offering the best products and services to our local customers in the northeast but also in educating the performance aftermarket as a whole. Here in our workshop in Green Brook New Jersey, our technicians have done dozens of these services and know the “ins" and “outs" of the procedure. If in addition to the parts themselves you need any help or advice in what’s the best way to go about repairing your 2.0T after timing chain tensioner failure feel free to call us directly!

Audi 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Repair Kit


The complete kit is assembled with ALL the OEM VW & Audi Updated components.

VW / Audi 2.0T Timing Chain Failure Repair Kit


From our vast experience our team advises our customers to upgrade their current 2.0T TSI / TFSI VW & Audi's to the latest updated parts as a preventative service. Do not leave the "ticking time bomb" original failure prone timing chain components un-addressed in YOUR vehicle's engine. There is a much higher value in preventatively replacing these parts then replacing a complete engine assembly over the term of your vehicle ownership!

Contact Us Now if you would like to schedule an appointment to complete this service!

These kits are in stock at our facility and are available for immediate purchase online here.

Timing Chain Kit for 2.0T TSI VW / Audi


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