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Akrapovic: Porsche Cayman (981) Exhaust System

Akrapovic: Porsche Cayman (981) Exhaust System | Image 1

The Porsche Cayman / S / GTS 981 is one unique vehicle.

Porsche purists cried foul when the Cayman first came out. They called it the "poor man's Porsche" or the "baby 911'. The truth was the car was a better handling version of its 911 big brother. Although the engine was in the middle, not the rear, this actually made the car handle better. Formula one and most top level endurance racers choose to locate the engine in the middle of the chassis rather in the rear for optimal weight balance. In the end, Porsche created such an outstanding vehicle they couldn't sell it with the same engine as the 911 because it would outperform it, for a cheaper price!

If you have questions regarding an Akrapovic exhaust for your 981 Cayman please don't hesitate to Call, E-mail, or Visit our location for more information!

One of the best ways to improve the driving dynamics of these cars is to further remove weight from the rear and front of the car. In an already well engineered vehicle like the Cayman, Porsche has already gone to great lengths to ensure that all parts of the car work in harmony with the rest, but there are some things that are overlooked due to manufacturing and cost capping restraints.

Even with all the technical and engineering expertise that Porsche has they know that when it comes to certain systems, it is sometimes prudent to get your parts directly from the experts rather than trying to create it yourselves. They look to Brembo for brakes, and when it comes to lightweight, high performance specials like their GT2RS they look to Akrapovic for exhaust solutions. Porsche Cayman GTS Akrapovic Exhaust | Image 2

This is why for the Porsche Cayman platform we only recommend one brand of exhaust! The Akrapovic system. We are not in the business of selling products that don't improve the vehicles we are installing them on, and in the case of the Cayman we cannot find another system out there that offers greater improvement than this system. 

Porsche Cayman S Exhaust from Akrapovic at RSW | Image 3

The exhaust itself weighs 8 pounds less than the stock unit, produces an extra 8 horsepower, and 13 ft lbs of torque. Even with the weight savings Akrapovic manages to retain the factory electronically operated valves, and gives you the option to adjust the operation of the valves with their own control unit, the Akrapovic Sound Kit.

Porsche Akrapovic Exhaust Cayman GTS | Image 4

The Akrapovič Sound Kit enables owners of selected Akrapovič car exhausts to control the sound of the system from the cockpit of their machine. Using Akrapovič technology, drivers can easily switch between the quiet mode and a sportier sound. With the use of a receiver to drive the actuators that open or close the valves at the end of the exhaust system, drivers can use the Sound Remote Controller or the new smartphone app (for iOS and Android) to regulate the valves. 

If stock system has exhaust valves integrated (Porsche sport exhaust) no wireless kit is needed. It has a minimalistic appearance and a simple colored light to indicate what setting its on, but in our experience the sound coming out of the tailpipes is obvious enough to know whether the valves are open or closed if you choose to mount your switch in a discreet location.

Are you interested in an Akrapovic Exhaust System for your Porsche Cayman / S / GTS, the Performance Team at RSW is here to help! Contact Us Now!

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