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APR C7.5 S6 / S7 ECU & TCU Upgrade: Now Available at RSW


More Horsepower IS HERE for the C7 and C7.5 S6/S7 Owner

APR coming through again with some more goodness for the 4.0T platform. As if two turbos and 8 cylinders wasn’t enough to begin with, they have managed to squeeze out approximately 574 hp and 638 ft lbs. of torque. That’s gains of 165hp and 209 ft lbs. peak on 93 Octane with just a Stage 1 ECU Upgrade!

APR ECU Upgrade Audi S6 | Image 2

Visit APR's Extensive Product page here.

93 Octane Gains ONLY:

apr_s6_s7_stage1_ecu_tune_dyno_93_octane | Image 3

93 Octane Stock HP at Crank vs. APR Stage 1 Hp at Crank:

APR Stage 1 S7 ECU Upgrade HP at Crank | Image 4

93 Octane Stock Wheel HP vs. APR Stage 1 HP at Wheel:

APR Stage 1 HP at the Wheel | Image 5

We wonder what one of these S6 / S7 would be like at Stage 2, or perhaps even Stage 3 with RS7 Turbocharger Upgrade?

If you have any questions or interest in getting your 4.0T reflashed with the latest software please let us know. Existing APR customers pay nothing for the update, new customers the upgrade is the same pricing you will see directly at APR.

In addition to the ECU update, APR has released the DL501 S-tronic TCU Upgrade as well for the S6.

APR DL501 S tronic TCU Upgrade for the S6 / S7 4.0T Platform

We have already begun performing these upgrades, and the owners' have been thrilled with the results.This matte Sepang Blue S6 was quite a beast after both the TCU & Stage 1 APR ECU Upgrade were performed.


Audi S6 / S7 DL501 TCU Upgrade Features:

  • Faster acceleration through application specific optimized shift points
  • Drive and Sport mode shift maps custom tailored to APR’s power upgrades
  • User adjustable 3-step multi-launch control RPM limits.
  • User definable* max launch control RPM.
  • User definable* manual mode downshifts via the kick-down switch (on/off).
  • User definable* manual mode upshifts at max engine speed (on/off).
  • Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches.
  • Launch control limits raised from 200 to 3,000 launches.
  • Manual mode / TT mode paddle response time optimized.
  • Manual mode / TT mode shift time optimized.
  • Torque intervention limits raised while retaining critical protection routines.
  • Temperature management optimized.
  • Transmission coolant pump optimized during high temp scenarios.
  • Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport.
  • Downshift "lockout" disabled below previous gear's max RPM.

Making the jump to the ECU upgrade alone is a huge improvement but the combination of both the ECU AND TCU together is where the real benefit lies. Contact our Performance Team to Answer Questions or Schedule an Appointment.


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