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APR Downpipe Upgrade: FWD 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3

APR Downpipe Upgrade: FWD 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3 | Image 1

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is pleased to present the ultimate Cast Downpipe Exhaust System from APR!

Upgrading the restrictive factory downpipe with the APR Cast Downpipe Exhaust System is a great way to increase performance and add a sophisticated growl to the exhaust note. Ideal performance is achieved through expelling exhaust gasses at maximum velocity through APR’s proprietary, low-turbulence, investment cast downpipe.

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APR Cast Downpipe Exhaust System for the FWD 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3 | Image 2

Designed and assembled in-house, the system utilizes only premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques to deliver unmatched quality and reliability. Read Complete Product Release at

APR Downpipe Arrives to RSW | Image 3

Quick facts:

  • Designed and assembled in-house
  • T304L stainless steel construction.
  • Argon back-purged TIG welding.
  • Investment cast downpipe.
  • 77mm inlet with integrated flange.
  • Low profile, sealed/corrugated flex section.
  • 76mm outlet with integrated bracket.
  • 8mm billet bracket.
  • 76mm brushed and de-burred piping.
  • Non-swedged/slip-fit/flanged piping.
  • Investment cast o2 bungs with billet plugs.
  • 300 cell, 100mm x 100mm GESI catalyst.
  • OEM-style slip-on clamps.
  • Reducer for OEM catback compatibility.
  • APR Stage II ECU Upgrade price waived.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

APR Cast MQB Downpipe | Image 4

The factory downpipe system consists of smaller, 63mm piping with varying bends and multiple restrictive high-cell-count catalysts, all of which contribute to a less than ideal flow path and hindered performance. APR’s engineers took a multi-step approach to maximizing flow, reducing under hood temperature, and eliminating unnecessary restrictions all in a unique package only APR can deliver.

APR High Flow 300 Cell Catalyst | Image 4

The APR Cast Downpipe Exhaust System is a complex system designed to deliver maximum performance. Each component was designed and developed with the absolute best in performance, strength, reliability and quality in mind.

RSW APR's Master Installer NJ | Image 5APR MQB Downpipe Parts Included | Image 6

The exhaust system features a strong, investment cast, T304L inlet and outlet designed to maximize flow and minimize turbulence. By casting the inlet, APR’s engineers were able to create a smooth and high-flow exhaust path that maximized flow through swept blends and shapes that are otherwise not possible through conventional fabrication techniques.

APR vs. Stock OEM Product | Image 7

The inlet perfectly matches the factory turbocharger’s 77mm outlet and gradually necks down over a long distance to further enhance performance. The mounting flange and bracket are integrated into the casting, and TIG welding at the flex section ensures a clean inner surface eliminating turbulence, vortices and eddies to the highest degree.

APR vs. Stock Picture 2 | Image 8

The RSW Service Team assisted the owner of this new (500 mile) VW MK7 MQB GTI with the purchase & installation of his APR Stage 2 Upgrade! Contact Us NOW to Schedule Your Installation Appointment!

RSW NJ VW Repair and Performance Specialist | Image 9

Removal of the factory components was completed with ease by our factory trained technicians. Due to this MK7 GTI already being APR Stage 1, the Service Team was only required to install APR's newest cast downpipe assembly along with the appropriate ECU re-programming.

VW GTI APR Stage 1 | Image 10

With the factory piping removed from the GTI, our technicians were able to begin the installation of APR's DPK0004 Downpipe assembly. Due to the design and development with the use of APR's professional grade in-house coordinate measuring machinery we knew there was not going to be any fitment issues with the new components.

APR Downpipe Ready For Install | Image 11

Great designs only matter if the manufacturer delivers the components as expected. To help ensure the designs are as specified, APR’s engineers randomly select components and conduct full dimensional inspections using in-house 3D laser scanning equipment. Tolerances are digitally checked against the original specifications and passed or failed based on the results.

APR Downpipe Installed at RSW | Image 12

Operating in an environment designed for accuracy and repeatability, APR’s fabrication experts leave little room for error during the final assembly phase. Jigs and fixtures, created in-house, live on custom-specified fabrication tables featuring repeatable indexing holes and extremely flat surfaces. This working environment ensures the highest level of quality control during the assembly process and safeguards against dimensional variations potentially created during the manufacturing process. The end result is a system that fits every time as it’s true to the original design specifications.

APR MQB Downpipe Fits Perfectly | Image 13

APR’s fabrication experts TIG weld each component, creating reliable, high quality and attractive welds. Each component is back-purged with argon during the process ensuring the weld is strong and consistent, as well as clean throughout. With this process complete, the APR Cast Downpipe Exhaust System is born!

APR’s engineers specified a high-quality and high-flow GESI metal 300-cell catalyst ideal for forced induction application. During dyno testing, the 100mm x 100mm design showed no measurable loss in power, thanks to the catalyst’s specifications.

APR hand built downpipes | Image 14

Internally the catalytic converter features a proprietary blend of precious metals and leading technology that helps to reduce emissions and smell common on cat-less setups. With performance in mind, the catalyst is placed far away from the turbo outlet to reduce turbulence in the downpipe and to help reduce under-hood temperature. The low-profile catalyst features a fully captured substrate brick, which is furnace braised to the outer mantle and physically captured by the diffuser cones preventing rattling, rotation, and damage to the substrate. Subsequently, a byproduct of running the catalyst is a reduction in noise, making the system as a whole more pleasing to the ear.

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Application Guide

  • Audi A3 (8V/MKIII), 1.8T & 2.0T, Front Wheel Drive
  • VW Golf / GTI (MK7), 1.8T & 2.0T, Front Wheel Drive
  • VW Passat (B8), 1.8T & 2.0T, Front Wheel Drive

Stage II ECU Upgrade Information

For the best results, APR recommends installing the Stage II ECU Upgrade. This upgrade requires purchase of an APR Stage I ECU Upgrade, and is included for free to the original owner and original vehicle with the purchase of an APR Cast Downpipe Exhaust System!

- Stage II software may not be available for all vehicles.

- Pricing applicable to the USA only.

- Please note vehicle manufacturers issue many ECU part numbers and revisions throughout their vehicle lineup. As such, some ECUs may be temporarily unavailable as new parts and/or revisions are released. If the vehicle's ECU part number and revision is known, availability can be checked at any APR Dealer.

- Stage II pricing only applies to customers who have purchased an APR ECU Upgrade after February 16th, 2015.


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