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AUDI R8 Repair Facility New Jersey

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 1

The Audi R8 has become a bit of a staple of our shop over the past few years. It seems any given week there is one in for some level of Service, Repair or Performance work. The current Audi R8 (V8/V10) is now coming off its Audi Factory Warranty, the RSW Service Team is here to assist owners in R8 Repair, ensuring they are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to the Service of these fine vehicles. Not to mention keeping them performing as if they were brand new!

Although the car as a whole shares various similarities with other vehicles in the VAG lineup there are still some characteristics of the car that are quite unique. Luckily here at RSW we are intimately familiar with all the intricacies of the R8 platform. Whether it’s a V8, V10, Spider, Coupe, or a GT we have probably seen or fixed whichever issue you may be experiencing.

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 2

This particularly uniquely painted car was in for a pre-track day inspection. It’s great to know that the bulk of the R8 Repair that we complete seem to be driven regularly, and driven hard. We are firm believers here at RSW that cars are meant to be driven, so nothing gives us more joy than knowing that our customers are out there enjoying their vehicles on the open road or closed course every chance they get!

As much as we enjoy the big jobs we also take pleasure in helping customers with the most straightforward of performance upgrades, here is a black V10 2nd Gen R8 Coupe in for Tubi Style exhaust.

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 3AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 4

Not only does our Team take care of all Maintenance related concerns for our R8 Repair clients, we also regularly preform Pre-Purchase Inspections as well, here is a Red Stasis engineering Audi R8 in for a PPI Service.

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 5

Sepang Blue Audi V10 R8 in for Factory Scheduled Maintenance Service which included an Oil Service, and a set replacement air filters to be installed. Our Customer took advantage of the service to get an upgraded set of filters installed.

Old, stock, and dirty!

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 6

K & N’s installed; new fresh and shiny!

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 7

We have worked on Turbo’d R8’s, Supercharged R8’s, stock R8’s and heavily modified ones alike. Working on such a steady stream of these cars gives us the ability to quickly and easily diagnose issues

AUDI R8 Independent Repair Facility New Jersey | Image 8

If you have any sort of maintenance request or desire to extract more performance out of your Audi R8 please don’t hesitate to give us a call at phone, E-mail Us or visit us down here on Route 22 in Green Brook, NJ. We truly love providing service and expertise for vehicles as special as the R8 here at RSW, we look forward to sharing our skillset with you!


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