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Audi RS5 Big Brake Upgrade: B8.5 S4

Audi RS5 Front Brake Upgrade for S4 | Image 1

The world of the performance aftermarket is almost as wide as it is deep. From Nissans to Lamborghinis, from the crème de la crème motorsports suppliers to the bottom of the junk pile to ebay companies there is a lot of options to sort from. Recently our Team dove into the Audi RS5 Big Brake Upgrade for the B8 / B8.5 S4.

Within the particular category of braking however there are not so many players out there. Sure in the past 5-10 years a handful of companies have emerged from Asia but for the most part we trust stopping to only a handful of suppliers. Luckily for us, with the annual horsepower wars come some really great braking hardware directly from the factory. This continued improvement has left us with some extra options when it comes to brake upgrades for vehicles.

The Audi RS5 is one of those vehicles that has been gifted with 8 piston calipers up front which have also been installed in quite a few other chassis. Picking up on this as a great alternative to the aftermarket solutions. Our Team recently performed a full RS5 Brake swap onto a customer’s B8.5 Audi S4. There are some special parts that are needed to make the rear conversion work but the front setup is completely bolt-in.

Front Caliper Upgrade for S4 with RS5 Components

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 2

The 8 piston Brembo caliper is the centerpiece of this brake swap, and offers a substantial upgrade over the OEM units. The front calipers do the bulk of the work so that is where the bulk of the upgrades are. The scalloped rotors made for the caliper are used here as well, along with the dust shields, brake lines, and all the OEM mounting hardware.

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 3

This allows for perfect fitment, and OEM standards of reliability and dependability. Since the B8 S4 is considerably lighter than the RS5 the brakes offer significant resistance to fade, greater thermal capabilities when it comes to shedding heat and absorbing heat, and they look pretty good too!

RS5 Rear Caliper Upgrade for the B8.5 S4

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 4

The rear caliper although not a huge upgrade in hardware from the conventional B8/8.5 S4 Rear caliper does provide a significant visual upgrade as well. A big part of the inspiration for these modifications was upgrading the look of the car as much as the braking capabilities. In combination with the rear wave rotor we think it looks pretty damn good.

Talk to our Experts about the Audi RS5 Big Brake Upgrade for your Audi

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 5

Front Wheel / Tire / Brake Package for the Audi B8.5 S4

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 6

Along with the RS5 Big Brake Upgrade at this time the customer had decided that winter weather was probably behind us at this point and decided to swap the snow tires out for the tried and tested HRE FlowForm + Michelin Pilot Super Sport combination. This allows for a lightweight, robust, high performance tire that will work in pretty much anything but extreme cold and snow.

Rear Wheel / Tire / Brake

Audi RS5 Big Break Upgrade: B8.5 S4 | Image 7

The rear end of the car received the same overall treatment as the front, perhaps instead of the overwhelming size of the caliper, the visual impact of the now red rear calipers, and the scalloped "wave" rotors really make a statement.

If you have any questions regarding Audi OEM or Aftermarket brake upgrades for your vehicle please do not hesitate to reach out!

We have access to numerous different pad, rotor, caliper, and brake kit suppliers, and our Team can tailor a customer solution to each individual user application!



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