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Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 1

There’s something about sleeper appeal that never gets old.  Having a fast car that looks fast is fun, but as we have all aged here at the shop we can’t deny that we are all suckers for sleepers, and this Audi S6 wears a great disguise.

The stock engine is plenty capable, the 4.0T V8 is a great unit with so much potential. Coupled with a fast shifting, capable transmission and an all-wheel drive train there was never a question that it was going to be fast out of the hole, that was a given, but in order to make it really breathe on the top end more work had to be done.

Thanks to our friends at Flemington Audi and our performance partners down in Alabama at APR our Team at RSW cooked up the perfect combination of OEM levels of fitment and reliability with aftermarket power levels.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 2

We added the turbochargers off of Audi’s Flagship RS7, a downpipe upgrade, a cooling system from Alpha Performance, and tuning from APR and the combination was impressive to say the least.

The turbochargers come directly from Audi, and offer considerable improvements in the upper end of the rev range.

Pre-Install of the RS7 Turbochargers on the Audi S6.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 3

Audi RS7 Turbocharger Compressor Inlet/Outlet

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 4

After installation of the Larger OEM Audi Turbochargers on the Audi S6.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 5

The cooling system was also revamped as we touched on earlier. Although the stock liquid to air intercooler does a decent job of regulating inlet air temps, once installing larger turbochargers and a more free flowing exhaust coupled with more aggressive software, the engine can really benefit from added cooling capacity.

One thing that isn’t always a sexy sell, but has a large impact on performance is heat soak resistance. Although improving the cooling system can make more horsepower, the biggest gain is the fact that power ISN’T lost on repetitive pulls, hot days, or on the track/highway. When the cooling system gets hot the car loses power pull after pull but the AMS Cooler Upgrade ensures this car makes consistent power pull after pull on even the hottest days.

AMS Cooler Outlet / Inlet to Upgrade the Audi S6's cooling system.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 6

AMS Audi 4.0T Cooler Installed.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 7

AMS Cooler, Reservoir, Pump, and hoses.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 8

From any angle the quality of the construction of the AMS kit was evident, this is a piece that will both work and last, and that is why we sell and recommend it.

When all is said and done there is absolutely no hint that anything has been done to the car. The bigger downpipes, larger RS7 turbos, AMS Cooler all hide neatly underneath the factory packaging and bodywork, leaving a sleeping giant waiting for anyone who would wake it.

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 9Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 10

The car in its maiden voyage to the track made 3 passes all in the 10.7-10.9 region with a peak trap speed of over 130 mph.

Audi S6 Stage 3 RS7 Turbo Upgrade: 10.746 at 130.90 BEST ET AND BEST TRAP

Audi S6 Stage 3 Attacks The 1320 | Image 11

All runs within 2 tenths of a second and all trap speeds within 1.43 mph. Pretty nice and consistent for our customers first visit to the track!

This car will be going back to the strip with some lighter and stickier tires, along with revised launch control strategy soon, stay tuned for more results and updates.

Interested in this Upgrade for your 4.0T Audi S6 / S7, Contact our Team today!


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