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Audi V8 Timing Chain Service: The Real Story

RSW Repairs Audi V8 Timing Chain Failures

The Service Team here at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) has recently been ini-dated with Audi 4.2L V8 equipped vehicles suffering from various stages of engine and timing chain failure, which have all resulted in extensive repairs by our experienced team.

Asking yourself why right now?

The engineers that initially designed this "space saving" chain drive, to fit the large V8 in the B6 chassis had intended for the components to last the lifetime of the vehicle.  As we have seen over the years this assumption was just plain wrong. The RSW Service Team has seen failures regularly occur much earlier than even the 100,000 mile mark. Failures have ranged from damaged plastic chain guides, failed chain tensioners, to faulty camshaft adjusters. This all in addition to the famous cold start rattle & chain slap B6 S4 owners have been accustom to.  Our experienced team has seen failures of these components as early as 50,000 miles on well maintained vehicles.

RSW Repairs Audi V8 Timing Chain Failures

The Trouble with Failed Components:

The largest concern when one (or several) of the numerous components in the timing chain system fail, it can lead to catastrophic engine damage or drastic drivability concerns. For example if one of the camshaft adjusters fail, it will result in one side of the engine then falling out of sync of the opposing bank, resulting in incurable misfire conditions as well as damaging additional (costly) components.

Audi V8 Timing Chain Service Under Way

There are several approaches that can be taken when addressing the repair of this chain driven V8 timing system. Option one, which the RSW Service Team suggests if the owner intends to keep their vehicle in-definetly, is to complete a FULL replacement of all associated components with the updated parts from Audi. Our team will not hide the fact that this is an expensive process, but it will ensure that the vehicle's owner continues to enjoy the vehicle for years to come. On this particular rebuild, the owner chose to replace all the components except for the Camshaft Adjuster Units.  At the time of teardown the units were operating correctly, so the decision was made to forgo their replacement as the adjusters are one of the more expensive components in the system.

The RSW Service Team has the right factory tooling for the job!

We currently has FOUR of these jobs in different stages. If you have you suffered from a Timing Chain Tensioner failure on your V8 Audi? Call us today 908-223-7477. Having the right tools to do the job is crucial as it ensures proper repair, and efficient turn around time for our customers.

Factory Tooling Required

Attention to detail, every bolt, every nut torqued.

The bulk of the labor time for the repair of the Audi 4.2L V8 Chain Engine is spent on tear down and re-assembly as the time required to physically replace the chains, guides, and adjusters is rather quick for our experienced Audi service team. As with all internal engine service / repair, great attention to detail is spent to ensure proper steps are taken which allows our work to last the remaining lifetime of the vehicle. Not to mention a full 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty with RSW supplied parts!

Audi B6 S4 Timing Chain Service RSW

Audi B7 S4 Engine Repair

Audi Allroad Timing Chain Repair

As one can see the Audi 4.2L V8 Timing Chain Service is a rather extensive "engine-out" repair.  We do regularly complete additional services for our customers at this time due to the nature of the potential for "over-lapping" labor. Some of the most common repairs are complete oil pan re-seals, clutch replacements, and can go as far as full cylinder head rebuilds, including leaky valve guide replacement. Once our Service Team is 100% complete the V8 Audi Engine is prepared to be re-installed into the chassis!

Audi Engine Rebuild Services New Jersey

The RSW Service Team is always happy to see our customers back in their vehicles after repairs are complete, and finally enjoying their ownership experience once again!

If you own a problematic Audi V8 Chain Driven Engine please do not hesitate to reach out to us for evaluation or a formal quote for proper warrantied repairs!

Audi Chain Service Complete by RSW

Contact the RSW Service Team Today! 


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