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Building a Beast: Weistec Engineering E63 AMG Stage 3 Supercharger System

Prepping E63 AMG For Weistec Conversion

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is Proud to have gained Weistec Engineering as a trusted Performance Partner! Our Service Team is happy to introduce you to what we like to say around the shop, building a beast. For this project there was no better start then this 9,000 mile all original W211 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG.  The transformation that ensued would leave the owner speechless with an ear to ear grin!

Weistec Supercharged Badge

RSW's Service Team includes a Master Certified Mercedes Benz Technician, that paired with our OEM / Factory level Mercedes Diagnostic equipment makes for the PERFECT facility to complete the Stage 3 Supercharger Conversion. Not to mention we are one of a select few locations in the North East Authorized by Weistec Engineering to both sell & install their complete product line.

Prepping E63 AMG For Weistec Conversion

We introduce you to the Stage 3, 6.3L AMG M156 Supercharger. 769+ Horsepower, 677 ft-kb. of Torque.

The Weistec Stage 3 Supercharger System is built to address the needs of customers looking for the most power out of the 63 AMG.  Incorporating many years of Mercedes supercharger knowledge, the larger 3.0L twin-screw is the pinnacle of Weistec Engineering's supercharger systems. Using the 3.0L Twin Screw, Weistec has set a world record for the Fastest Mercedes with the Stage 3 M156 System and supporting Weistec products, generating engine power levels exceeding 1000 Horsepower!

Weistec M156 3.0L Supercharger

Being that our technicians are very familiar with the W211 Mercedes Benz platform they made quick work of tearing down the E63 and preparing it to receive it's new heart!

Wesitec E63 AMG Stage 3 Build

The first piece of Weistec Engineering hardware to makes its way onto the w211 E63 AMG! The attention to detail and quality of product is exactly what we see. It's a great feeling to know our Performance Partners put all that they have into product design to ensure when it comes time for installation there are ZERO issues!

Weistec Engineering Supercharger Snout Support

The engine of any M156 63AMG does not leave much room, and even less room for error, but Weistec has engineered the fitment of the 3.0L twin screw supercharger perfectly.


You may be thinking to yourself, well that looked easy, and yes for our experienced team it was. But for the installation of this Stage 3 conversion, getting the supercharger bolted to the E63 is no where in sight of the finish line. Weistec Engineering has completely re-designed the pulley system on the front of the massive AMG engine to ensure there are no functionality problems with the system over the lifespan of the vehicle.

Weistec Engineering Pulley Assembly

When the team at Redline Speed Worx is working on a "project" of this nature, the focus is not just kept towards what HP will be achieved at the end of the build, but more so how will the rest of the vehicle handle this powerful transformation.

Unfortunately this E63 AMG was not equipped from the factory with a true limited slip differential, BUT nothing our service team couldn't take care of! We introduce you to the Quaife LSD.  The differential will allow the driver to make the most of the 700+ Horsepower, and aide in getting it transferred to the asphalt!

AMG Differential Upgrade

With all the "hard goods" installed into the AMG, it was time to tackle the finer points, getting all the new electronics up and running.  Which meant re-wiring & extending a few harnesses, getting the superchargers new cooling system / heat exchanger operational, upgrading the PCV system with the Air / Oil Seperator, and installing the Weistec Upgraded ECU, TCU, and Valvebody!

Mad Scientist Does Electrons

Now what you have all been waiting for the final product! Our team overall was again very pleased the the level of quality that has been put into this upgrade by Weistec Engineering! It was an absolute pleasure to install, and we can't wait to get out hands into the next one, or maybe we have already . . . stay tuned!


It was an absolute pleasure to install, and we can't wait to get out hands into the next one, or maybe we have already . . . stay tuned!

 Are you interested in Weistec Engineering Supercharger System for your Mercedes Benz? Have questions about installation, pricing, or application, not a problem Contact Us Directly! Our Service Team is more than happy to assist in any way that they can!


Word of caution, if you see this in your rear view mirror MOVE OVER! The Weistec Engineering Stage 3 E63AMG is a beast!. . . and if you happen to not SEE it, you will certainly HEAR this monster behind you.

E63 Heat Exchanger


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