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Carbon Build Up: Audi S5 V8

Carbon Build Up: Audi S5 V8 | Image 1

Audi S5 V8 FSI received a complete Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning Service today. Utilizing factory crushed walnut shell media ensures nothing but a great outcome! Not only will the Audi's Fuel Mileage increase, but so will its horsepower! If you need this service completed on your direct injection VW, Audi, BMW, or MINI contact our Team today!

The excessive carbon build up does cause several different things to occur to your vehicle, all of which do not lead to optimal vehicle performance.

  • Power loss
  • Cylinder misfires
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Damage to your vehicles comprehensive emissions system, and/or catalytic converter(s).

The above outlined issues normally will not cause a warning light, as the buildup occurs gradually over the life span of the vehicle you may not immediately recognize the decreased power output or worse fuel economy.

Audi S5 Intake Valve Cleaning Performed in Green Brook, New Jersey.

Audi S5 Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning | Image 2

Vehicle mileage does play a factor in the levels of build up that are seen, we now advise our customers to complete this service on any direct injection VW or Audi between 60-80,000 miles, and to think of it as a regular required service just like a timing belt or water pump replacement.

Carbon Build Up Audi S5 | Image 3

Depending on the vehicle this labor intensive service can be completed over 1-2 working days in the shop. The results can speak for themselves, as when we have finished cleaning the carbon from each individual intake chamber, the cylinder head resembles a like-new finish.

Audi S5 Carbon Cleaning Service Complete | Image 4

Our Service Team has experienced great success with cleaning the Intake Valves by removing the Intake Manifold to blast the Carbon deposit build-up away using the factory equipment with the Walnut Shell media. When cleaning is complete, the Intake Manifold is re-installed, the Engine is started and the performance checked.

If you are interested in having this service completed on your Audi S5 equipped with the V8 FSI Engine please Contact our Service Team today!


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