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Chassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

Chassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang | Image 1

The S550 Mustang platform is one our Team has not yet had the pleasure to modify until this example rolled through the doors here at Redline Speed Worx (RSW).

Our customer from out in Staten Island actually contacted our Team about his goals for modifying his Mustang before he even took possession of it. We had a set of wheels chosen and ordered approximately 2 months before there was a delivery date given, that’s how prepared our customer was to receive his vehicle.

Rather than drive around knowing that there was more performance to unlock, he wasted no time and brought us this car when it was only 127 miles old!

Interested in Performance Upgrades for your S550 Mustang? Contact our Performance Specialists Today.

First we started off with a combination of springs and shocks/struts. The suspension experts at Steeda sourced their offerings from the pros at Koni and Eibach. We tell customers time and time again while they often don’t understand the importance of using a properly matched shock and or strut for your new lowering springs.

Chassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

Stock Struts and Shocks are made to be used with stock length, diameter, and stiffness springs, as soon as you start changing one, let alone all three of these variables, the ideal solution changes. This particular setup delivered a much improved handling feel without severely effecting the comfort of the ride.

Then we added some drivetrain stiffening goodies:

  • Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support Collars
  • Steeda IRS Subframe Support Braces
  • Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit

Each of these items goal is stiffening the rear end, and doing a better job of keeping the chassis and drivetrain in proper alignment. This allows for increased performance due to more accurate suspension geometry and better power transfer as it keeps the rear end in proper relation to the engine/transmission.

All in all the technician noticed slim to no added NVH from installing all these chassis stiffening items, a good sign that the S550 GT Mustang is a good platform for improvement.

Rear Subframe, Rear Chassis Reinforcements:

Chassis Upgrades: S550 MustangChassis Upgrades: S550 MustangChassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

Then also some further bracing in the front of the S550 Ford Mustang.

Chassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

For this Project the major changes were to the suspension. This particular customer however did want to enhance not only the power output but also the sound of his car, so while the rear subframe was out we took that opportunity to remove the oem rear exhaust section and replace it with the customer supplied unit. We also installed a JLT Oil Separator which helps positively filter out the crankcase ventilated breather.

Chassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

We spec’d out a set of HRE FF15 FlowForm wheels in custom finish. The color really accentuates the bold /aggressive lines of the stock body work, while the design looks sporty and lightweight. Altogether the wheel and tire fitment combined with the suspension we installed has really made the car sit properly. Completely functional, yet low with responsive handling that won’t knock your teeth out of your skull on the highway!

Chassis Upgrades: S550 MustangChassis Upgrades: S550 MustangChassis Upgrades: S550 MustangChassis Upgrades: S550 Mustang

If you are looking to modify your S550 Mustang please don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us regarding any parts or quotes for your vehicle. We can supply parts from a wide array of manufacturers and are always willing to find the right parts for different applications!


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