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Corner Balancing: New Service Announcement


Redline Speed Worx, LLP is now offering complete Corner Balancing Services! 

We have purchased a complete scale system which is used in combination with our Hunter Engineering Company Corporate Hawk Eye Alignment Rack! We are finally able to 100% dial in the suspension on YOUR vehicle! Stay tuned for a complete write up / technical article on the service!

What is Corner Balancing you ask?  As the name suggests this involves very accurately measuring the weight on all four wheels at the same time.  What’s the point? Well the amount of weight or pressure on each tire will affect the amount of grip that tire has. Ideally all cars would have 25% of their total weight on each corner.


This would give completely neutral handling during cornering, acceleration and braking. Unfortunately it is rarely true apart from exotic mid engine cars where the designer has not had to compromise weight distribution due to other design constraints.

If a car has more weight on one side than the other, the heavier side will have more grip during braking and acceleration. At best this in-balance will make the car feel nervous, and in the worst cases will cause loss of traction. If your car has adjustable spring platform shocks, the platform can be adjusted up or down to optimize the distribution of weight around the car. This allows us to take into account the manufacturing tolerances in the suspension and chassis and also to compensate for driver weight. Corner balancing can also be useful during the build of a car as once the major items whose position is fixed have fitted other items such as batteries, fire extinguishers etc. can be placed to optimize the weight distribution as much as possible.

Corner Balancing

With many cars it is not sufficient to use ride height as a method of setting up adjustable platform shocks. This method does not take into account any variables such as slight chassis twist or differing lengths and especially with many kit cars or rally cars using the body as a reference point is not advisable due to inconsistent body mouldings or inaccurately repaired panel damage.

The scales we use are made by longacre and comprise of 4 very accurate measuring pads.

Corner Balancing

The digital readout shows each wheel weight, the total weight and by selecting the front or rear axle or left or right side we can look at the percentage of distribution around the car. With your feedback on the cars performance this allows us to build up a detailed picture on your car and for us decide on the best set up. This service, we feel, provides the competitor with a valuable tool to help extract the full potential of their car.

Corner balancing is an inexpensive method of fine tuning suspension and diagnosing the cause of handling problems on both street & track driven vehicles.

Pricing does vary depending on vehicle make, suspension system, aftermarket products installed, etc. Please contact us directly for pricing inquiries on this service!


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