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We're here to keep your vehicle safe & reliable. If there is anything we can do to help you, just ask. We'll all get through this by helping each other. We are sanitizing vehicles before and after we work on them, offering vehicle pick up and delivery, and operating under a no contact model.

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Customer Focused: Driven by Passion

Customer Focused: Driven by Passion | Image 1

A big part of what we do is customer service. We are a performance aftermarket shop, where the bulk of the work revolved around cars, but at the end of the day the human element is always most important. Yes the safety of the cars and the mechanical aspect of the work takes high importance but if the customer leaves our shop unhappy, no matter how well done the mechanical work is we haven’t done our job correctly.

One of the ways we seek to improve our customer interactions is through our own survey and review system. We employ a system that allows every business transaction we have to be reviewed, and then lets the customer leave an open ended review. The system is anonymous if needed but the bulk of our customers don’t feel the need to hide their opinions about us, which we take great pride in.

We have decided to share some of our reviews with you publicly to let you know what our customers think about us!

This is from one of our customers who has been coming to us for a little over a year now, his first visit was for a simple tire installation and he keeps coming back!

Here’s another first timer review. This gentlemen’s vehicle was only a few days old, and it wasn’t a car, it was a Jeep. Now you might be thinking to yourself, what business does a 4 day old Jeep Rubicon have being at RSW?

Well it was right at home, being a customer driven facility, our Team provided the level of attention to detail the owner was looking for!

RSW Customer Satisfaction | Image 3

Not perfect, but not too bad either! From this we obviously look at the most common area of complaint, the main one here being related to length of time on a job. Obviously this is something every shop tries to work on. Although sometimes jobs go on longer than expected we find if the customer is informed of the delays ahead of time and the car leaves working properly the extra time spent up front is a better decision than to rush something out the door to have it come back. This is one area that we are currently working on improving all the time!

Our areas of strength see to be greeting customers in a prompt and friendly manner, ease of scheduling an appointment, explanation of services (good job service advisors) and finally the cleanliness of our facility (good job technicians).

This customer has just come in for a courtesy check and an alignment but was so happy with the work and interacting with us on his first visit he made an appointment to come back straight away.

RSW Customer Review 5 | Image 5

This is great feedback, because this kind of information we can use to go back and address the problem. If a certain problem repeats, and say 1-2 other people have their cars come back without the service lights being reset it’s obvious that something needs to be changed or implemented to stop this problem from occurring.

Here yet another first time customer who drove from over two hours away to come visit us. When somebody puts this much effort into seeking us out it make us incredibly proud. There are a lot of shops in the surrounding areas so when we have people come in from far away it makes us all appreciate the customer as much as they value our efforts to do our job professionally.

So whether you’re local, or long-disatance, driving a Lamborghini or a Lupo, needing lube services or longblocks, Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is here to help you with your automotive performance and maintenance needs.

<a data-cke-saved-href="/Files/Images/Blog/2015/08/Customer_review_6.jpg" href="/Files/Images/Blog/2015/08/Customer_review_6.jpg" title="Customer" focused:="" driven="" by="" passion="" |="" 6"="" data-lightbox="blog">While hopefully getting better each day thanks to your feedback. Comments, Concerns, Questions? Contact us Today!


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