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Engine Oil Analysis: Health Check

Engine Oil Analysis Porsche

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is pleased to announce that we are offering complete Blackstone Laboratories engine oil analysis services to all of our customers!

Oil analysis is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what's in the oil. Customers use oil analysis for different reasons: to see if there are any problems developing, to see if their oil is working well in the engine, and to see if they can run longer oil changes.

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Why Oil Analysis?

Are you changing your oil often enough? Too often? Is that synthetic oil really worth it? A decade ago, the commercial multi-weight oils on the market were similar. We didn't see much difference in the various brands, and the only real choice for consumers was the grade. Then synthetics were introduced, as were many types of oil additives. Suddenly the question of what to put into your engine became more complicated.

Learn What's Going On In Your Engine

Oil analysis can identify any problems developing in your engine long before they cause you an expensive headache. Or maybe you'd just like to get a good look at the microscopic wear your engine is producing. Can you run a fill of oil longer than 3000 miles? Are your oil and air filters doing a good job? We can answer these questions and more when you submit a sample of your engine oil for analysis.

What is oil analysis?

Oil analysis can help you "see inside" the engine to determine what condition it's in. Oil analysis is like a blood test. When you have your blood tested, they can tell you if any problems are occurring in your body. Similarly, when we test the used oil, we can tell you what wear metals and contaminants are present, as well as the overall condition of the engine.

What does the analysis look for?

An analysis will tell you about the wear metals the engine is producing and compare them to average for that type of engine. We'll tell you if any contaminants, like antifreeze, fuel, or moisture, are present. You'll find out the viscosity of the oil (15W/40, etc.). And we'll tell you if it looks like the air and oil filters are working as they should be. Note that any problem that is not associated with the oil won't be visible with oil analysis. For example, the alternator is electrical. If it's going bad, we won't be able to see it.

Engine Oil Analysis Audi


Standard Analysis Service

Blackstone's standard analysis will tell you what you need to know about the condition of your engine and how it's wearing. The standard analysis costs $25.00 (+shipping charges) and includes the following:

Spectral Exam: Establishes the levels of wear metals, silicon, and additives present in the oil. Also checks for coolant.

Viscosity: Determines the grade of oil.

Insolubles: Quantifies the percentage of solids present in the oil.

Flashpoint: The flashpoint is the temperature at which the vapors from the oil ignite. When the flash is lower than it should be, it shows a contaminant (usually fuel) is present.

Additional Testing Services

You probably already know that Blackstone tests engine oil from cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, and more. But we'll test other types of oil as well. The cost for a standard analysis is the same for oil out of any of the following systems:

  • Transmissions
  • Gear boxes (differentials, transfer cases, etc.)
  • Power steering reservoirs
  • ... and more!

Engine Oil Analysis Porsche

If you would like to take advantage of this service at your next Oil Change service please let your Service Advisor know.  Our technicians will happily collect the appropriate sample, and complete all complimentary processing paper work on your behalf to submit your sample for testing!

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Whether you own a BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, or MINI regular Oil Analysis testing is highly recommended over the course of a vehicle's life to ensure pleasurable ownership!


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