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HRE Proper Wheel Care: How To

Wheel Care

Its important to properly care for your HRE investment. Doing so takes quality cleaning products along with careful technique and materials to clean them.

Wheel Care

Brake dust is a corrosive, abrasive material. That can and will pit and eat away at clear coatings and even worse bare metals. HRE uses a variety of materials and coatings to tailor to specific customer needs. This ranges from Clear coat paint systems, unique Powdercoating, chrome and all the way to high gloss bare metal surfaces.

Wheel Care

Each of these materials need to be cared for differently if your using products you are not familiar with. Over the Counter cleaning products vary widely, and are specific to certain materials. The problem with that is that most customers are not aware of what materials the wheels are made out. So if you use a Highly acidic wheel cleaner designed for chrome on your bare metal lip's on your 3 piece wheels you will destroy the outer layer and etch the metal. On the opposite end if you use a highly Alkaline wheel cleaner on anodizing you will remove the outermost layer of the anodizing and fade it away.

Wheel Care

The solution to simplify such problems is using high quality PH-7 (or neutral) wheel cleaning products. To give you an example, water is PH neutral (ph-7). So if a material can safely be cleaned with water, it can be cleaned with a product that is PH Neutral.

In my experience 3 options are available and sold as wheel cleaners. All 3 of these products are effective and the safest wheel cleaners available. Pricing may vary, but I would use either of the 3 at any time.

Here are our recommendations :

  • Sonax Full Effect
  • P21S Gel
  • Griots Garage HD Wheel Cleaner : Purchase Here !

I would recommend the largest bottle available. Wheel cleaners are expensive and are most economical when bought in quantity.

Lets not forget that the tools you use to clean your new wheels are just as important as the products and technique's used. You will want 3 tools if you want to clean the wheel properly. You want a specific brush for the face of each wheel. A specific brush for the tight lug and spoke areas, and you will want a brush to properly clean the barrels of the wheels.

Here are our 3 recommendations :

  • Face of the wheel
  • Spoke and Lugs
  • Barrel of the wheel : Click Me ! / Purchase Here !

So that is that. Keep in mind that when using strong APC's (all purpose cleaners) to clean your tires, you are sure to avoid overspray on bare metal parts of your wheel or delicate area's. It can be a good idea to spray your brush or applicator instead of the tire itself if your wheels are made of uncoated bare metals. 

Have fun and my last bit of advice is to wear eye protection when using brush's to clean the wheel !

HRE Proper Wheel Care

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