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Is Your Brake Fluid Up To The Task?

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Redline Speed Worx would like to know if your brake fluid is up to the task of proper operation in summer heat, and mid summer track season?

Why is Brake Fluid Service So Important you ask?

There are a couple of common reasons to flush your brake fluid regularly contamination and age. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, it absorbs water, and water saturation decreases the boiling point of the fluid. Under hard braking a tremendous amount of heat is generated from the friction of the pad and rotor contact.

This heat can cause your brake fluid to actually boil within your brake lines. When the brake fluid boils, it creates air pockets within your brake lines. This causes problems because air compresses under pressure(say from pushing down the brake pedal). This causes a mushy pedal and reduction in braking ability. Brake fluid is used in braking systems because it doesn't compress.


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There are many ways for moisture to enter your brake system. Condensation from regular use, washing the vehicle and humidity are the most common. Most of this is unavoidable because the brake fluid reservoir needs to be open to the atmosphere. It has a small hole in order to avoid a vacuum being created by the brake pads wearing down.

Complete Brake Fluid Exchange Service

If you have a 2011 model year car, you are due for your first brake fluid flush. If you have a 2009 model year car you are due for your second brake fluid flush. If you have a 2007 car you are due for your third brake fluid flush. See where we are going with this? Get ready for the upcoming months of motorsports and enthusiastic driving!

Our complete service removes old, contaminated brake fluid from your brake system to help keep your brakes functioning properly and avoid costly repairs.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time, which leads to soft or sluggish brake response. This very moisture may also lead to corrosion which may cause premature failure of brake system components.

ATE Super Blue DOT 4 Brake Fluid helps extend the life of brake system components. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend this service every 2 years or 24,000 miles for optimal safety. This interval is accelerated for cars that see the track or race cars.

Please CONTACT Us today for all purchasing inquiries as well as installation ! 

This system upgrade does qualify for our full 6 Month Interest FREE Financing Program ! Please view details on the program on our website here.

Super Blue DOT4 Synthetic


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