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M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports

M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports | Image 1

Redline Speed Worx Service Team offers a complete BMW DCT Clutch Upgrade with Dodson Motorsport components. Our Master Certified BMW Technicians are your trusted source for a problem free experience.

Manual, or Automatic? Rise of the DCT Transmission.

The eternal debate. For years both sides have argued one over the other…. The precision of being able to shift gears yourself, versus the consistency and reliability of having a torque converter do the work for you. For drag racing the automatic has long been the weapon of choice, for road course ventures the manual is the staple of most enthusiasts, but now as technology improves the pro/cons list keeps shifting in favor of the "slushbox".

Although the transmission we are discussing today isn’t a full on automatic and is instead, a DCT style transmission which is essentially an automatic with two clutches, or a manual transmission with automatically controlled clutches depending on your point of view.

One thing is certain, regardless of opinion or perspective, the transmission in the new F80 M3/M4 shifts FAST, much faster than what can be repeatedly performed on the existing manual, and when set on automatic mode can be driven by anyone. This dual nature of the DCT transmission from BMW is a huge part of what makes it so appealing.

BMW DCT Clutch Upgrades for your BMW's Transmission are available in New Jersey with the RSW Service Team.

An area of concern for those who like to push the performance, and specifically horsepower limits is what happens when we overcome the torque capacity of said clutches? Luckily for those of us who are never satisfied with stock, Dodson Motorsport in conjunction with Exedy have designed, developed, and manufactured a DCT Clutch Upgrade for this transmission.

Here is the transmission in our assembly lab.

M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports | Image 2

The clutch kit includes friction disks, steels, and baskets. This is much more extensive than a traditional clutch upgrade in a manual car, because there are two individual clutches, one for even gears and one for odd gears.

BMW DCT Transmission Teardown.

M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports | Image 3

What you are looking at below is a Dodson Sportsman Clutch kit mid-installation on one of our customers M4’s. This particular customer has upgraded turbos, and has plans for race gas tuning and drag strip goals in the future. These clutches will allow him to make as many passes as he pleases without having to worry about the drivetrain.

 M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports

This is the same Dodson Motorsports that pioneered the GTR clutch upgrades that are currently being used to hold up to 2000hp in some extreme racing situations. Although we never anticipate getting close to those numbers with the S55 platform it’s nice to know that the manufacturer has the knowhow and experience to build high quality products that withstand use and abuse.

 M4 DCT Clutch Upgrade: Dodson Motorsports

If anyone is starting to think about adding some serious power to their M3/M4 via larger turbochargers, race fuel, or plan on taking their car to the road course or drag strip please don’t hesitate to reach out regarding pricing and lead times for this modification, there are also applications for various other DCT/DSG style transmissions.

Contact our BMW DCT Transmission Experts.


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