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Maserati Quattroporte GTS: KW Variant 3 Install

Maserati Quattroporte | Image 1

Maserati Suspension Upgrades Available at Redline Speed Worx located in Green Brook, New Jersey 08812

One of the things we all look forward to at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is the varied selection of cars we get to see and work on throughout the week. There is always a pretty good spread of euros in the shop on any given day, but every now and then a vehicle stands out. This matte grey wrapped Maserati Quattroporte GTS is one of them.

As if the basic car wasn’t sufficient, the customer had all accents finished in black versus the traditional chrome. Then after deciding the black on black was a little TOO subtle he went back and went over the body with a matte grey vinyl, and we have to say the outcome has completely changed the aesthetics of the car.

Maserati Quattroporte KW V3 Coilover Install | Image 2

The owner of this gorgeous Maserati decided lowering of the big body was in order. KW Suspension produces a ride height adjustable spring (H.A.S.) for the platform and the owner wanted to lower the Quattroporte while retaining the factory electronic shock adjustability. The first facility he brought his car to for a suspension installation didn’t quite satisfy his needs. Unfortunately the spring heights were not properly set and the shocks failed within a few thousand miles.

Maserati Suspension Upgrades at RSW Green Brook, NJ | Image 3

The contrast between the grey body and the black trim is sharp.

Fortunately, there was a better solution available, the customer was ready and willing to upgrade. The RSW Service Team pulled out the H.A.S. suspension that was previously installed and got to work installing a brand new set of KW Variant 3 coilovers. Given the sporty yet luxurious nature of the Quattroporte GTS we thought these coilovers would suit the car perfectly.

KW V3 Coilover Installation Maserati GTS | Image 4

After installation / initial setup of the Maserati, the owner was thoroughly impressed with the ride quality and the stance of the vehicle. So often the look or "the ride" of a vehicle is comprised in order to make the other work, but with KW's V3 Coilover being produced for each specific application they offer full adjustability to each owner's particular tastes.

If you have any questions regarding purchase, installation, or setup on a set of KW coilovers for your vehicle please don’t hesitate to Contact Our Service Team directly!


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