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McLaren MP4-12C ECU Tuning: Alpha Performance

McLaren MP4-12C ECU Tuning: Alpha Performance | Image 1

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is Proud to announce the official release of the ALPHA Performance ECU Upgrade for the MP4-12C McLaren!  As New Jersey's premier ALPHA Performance Distributor, our Service Team is here to facilitate the entire upgrade process.

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Looking to extract the highest level of performance from your McLaren MP4-12C’s ECU? Alpha Performance now offers a true ECU remapping service that will unleash the potential of your MP4-12C. Unlike piggy-back (plug-n-play modules) that trick the ECU, we reprogram the ECU itself to produce a safe and robust level of performance that will pin you to the back of your seat every time you punch the throttle and let loose the 700+ horsepower on tap!


  • 716HP / 601 FT-LBS of Torque
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Stock-Like Drive-ability
  • OBD II Emissions Compliant
  • Safe, Proven & Tested Results


As seen in the diagram below, power is significantly improved throughout the entire RPM range. You can expect (on 93 octane):

  • Average gains of 100 horsepower and 105 ft-lbs of TQ throughout the entire RPM range
  • Power increases of over 115HP compared to the stock tune between 4600 to 6900 rpm
  • Torque increases of 124 ft-lbs compared to the stock tune between 4500 to 5600 rpm
  • Alpha tune maximum HP output: 716 HP vs stock tune 629 HP
  • Alpha tune maximum TQ output: 601 ft-lbs vs stock tune 476 ft-lbs

This quick upgrade will provide very noticeable results on a light and nimble vehicle like your MP4-12C. Even better, all of this is done with just our Alpha calibration file, no other modifications or special fuels needed!


Your McLaren MP4-12C is equipped with a highly complex BOSCH ECU. This design uses a closed-loop system for air-to-fuel ratios, torque output as well as a number of other outputs. Sensors provide feedback to the ECU in regards to throttle position, ignition timing and boost where they are then balanced using the appropriate parameters programmed into the ECU. In addition, engine performance is mathematically modeled so that the ECU knows how it should be running in case of a sensor failure.

What does this mean?

Unlike our Alpha tune where our engine calibrators adjust the actual parameters in the ECU, a piggy-back module intercepts and sends artificial readings to the ECU. By doing so, there is risk of damaging your engine when relying on the intercepted (cheated) sensor outputs. Because we edit the ECU itself, the commands are true to form without any possibility of confusion.


Just like all vehicles using an Alpha calibration file, your MP4-12C will exhibit smooth, stock-like drivability. The only difference is a dramatic increase in power and acceleration. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to enjoy all this with no detrimental effect to fuel economy at partial throttle or cruising speed.


On just the Alpha tune, a customer was able to run a [email protected] 1/4 mile making it the quickest and fastest MP4-12C to date! With more Alpha component upgrades on the way, you can soon expect a level of performance greater than the McLaren P1 at a fraction of the price!


Alpha tuning writes their own files and uses their years of race winning experience to bring something new to the market. Such knowledge allows them to optimize every aspect of the way that your car drives. They calibrate your ECU with a level of expertise that most others simply do not possess. Making finely tuned adjustments to cam timing, fueling, ignition timing, load control, throttle mapping and boost with a real focus on the overall effect to the driving experience, instead of just loading in a canned tune that is commercially available. What’s more is that we are able to provide you the highest level of performance with no sacrifice to reliability.

Unleash the power the factory held back.

Mclaren MP-12C ECU Tune Dyno Graph | Image 2

Have questions on this upgrade for your McLaren MP4-12C, Be sure to Contact Us Now!


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