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Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG GETS WORKED !


This 2012 Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG Bi-Turbo V8 came to us in an already modified state.  The CLS had been upgraded with an ECU calibration as well as exhaust system modifications. The customer is an avid track enthusiast, and with less than 2,000 miles on the vehicle had managed to shear the transmission output shaft at the track with a full slick on the rear of the vehicle. Long story short, a brand new transmission was installed.  At this point the owner contacted us about upgrade options to prevent this type of damage from occurring again, the answer was simple Weistec Engineering !

722.9 Bullet Proof Transmission

Weistec Engineering 7229mct upgrade

Weistec Engineering is now offering an upgrade for the 722.9, 7-speed transmission used in many AMG models (See Compatibility List Below). Every transmission is carefully disassembled and inspected to insure no fatigue to casing or other imperative parts. Once accepted we then cryogenically harden all gears, packs, input shaft, and output shaft.

The transmission is then reassembled using our upgraded clutch packs, all new gaskets and seals, filter, pump, and hardware. The Weistec Bullet Proof 722.9 is also outfitted with our upgraded Valve Body and TCU to ensure proper line pressure and superior shift quality. The result is a built transmission capable of handling power levels in excess of 1000lbft of torque while maintaining the drivability of a stock transmission.

Note: Weistec Engineering thoroughly inspects the entire transmission upon arrival. During the build process it is important to understand that wear and tear items (such as clutches, pumps, seal, and gaskets) are replaced. Parts such as input shafts, output shafts, casing, etc. are not replaced in the build process. If there is damage to these parts a representative will notify the customer. Extra costs can be incurred if this is the case.

Key Features:

  • Both Converter and MCT based Transmissions supported.
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • Upgraded Clutch Packs Containing More Clutch Discs
  • Redesigned Clutch Piston Geometry
  • Increase Frictional Surface Area
  • Increased Clutch Material
  • Improved Heat Dissipation
  • New Gaskets and Filter
  • New Transmission Fluid Pump
  • New OEM Fasteners and Hardware
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
  • Used by some of the fastest AMG vehicles

722.9 Valve Body and TCU Upgrade

Weistec Engineering Valve Body Upgrade

Weistec Engineering is proud to present the first and only valve body upgrade for 722.9 7 speed transmission used in many AMG and non-AMG models (See Compatibility List Below). When we receive your valve body, it is modified using our proprietary techniques to increase line pressure and improve shifting characteristics. Next we make changes to the TCU electronics to compliment the physical modifications. Once complete, the valve body is bench tested and packaged with all necessary parts to make a clean and easy install.

The Weistec Valve Body Upgrade allows the transmission to apply the proper amount of line pressure to the clutch packs. This calculated increase prevents slipping of the clutches and allows the transmission to reliably handle higher torque output from the vehicle engine as well as expanding the lifespan of the transmission.

Key Features:

  • Both Converter and MCT based Transmissions supported.
  • Increased Line Pressure
  • Faster Shifting
  • More Precise Shifting
  • Improved Transmission Lifespan
  • New Gaskets
  • New Filter
  • New Hardware

Shot of the Beautiful Engine bay in the new Bi-Turbo V8 !

Shop made quick work of removing the transmission from the vehicle and getting it on its way to Weistec !

Now we did not stop with just the transmission upgrades ! We HAD to add the RENNtech / OS Giken Limited Slip Rear Differential as well !

Simply explained, a differential is the last point between the engine and the wheels where power is transferred. The differential functions as a system to direct engine power at the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds.

By upgrading the differential, you benefit in both straight line stability and vehicle handling while cornering. During a full power straight line run, our LSD (limited slip differential) will lock 100% and provide torque equally to each powered wheel, providing stable straight line runs. When exiting from a corner, our LSD's transition to the full 100% lock position is smooth and predictable. This gives the vehicle better traction and stability throughout the corner, improving overall lap times and a noticeable improvement in overall vehicle handling.

The track is not the only place where the differential comes into play though. Bad weather and harsh road conditions can make the street a dangerous place. In snow, ice, wet weather and regions where the road surface can become unstable, our LSD easily adapts and adjusts tire rotation to increase vehicle stability on the road and help to dramatically improve driver safety.

Our differential is a unique, patented, clutch- type LSD which makes this a true 100% locking differential. Because of this function, there is no movement of internal parts, leading to less heat being generated while in operation and in turn, less wear of the friction disks.

With a quick turn around time, the vehicle is back with its owner and he is enjoying every minute of it ! The upgraded differential and transmission truly brought this 600+ HP beast to life ! This is just the beginning for this vehicle, there are rather extensive plans for it over the next year !


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