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Porsche 997.2 Turbo S: Winter Prep

Porsche | Image 1

The RSW Service Team had the pleasure of recently completing the "Winter Prep" for this Porsche 997.2 Turbo S. 

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is New Jersey's Specialty Automotive Repair & Performance facility, and our Porsche Certified team members made quick & efficient work of the task at hand for the owner of this beautiful 997!

Are you asking yourself what the difference is on the 997.2 Turbo and "S" version? In the 911 Turbo S models, a modified valve control system and an re-tuning of the engine management, combined with an increase in maximum boost pressure (0.2 bar), allow the Turbo S to produce 530 hp between 6,250 rpm and 6,750 rpm and generate a permanently high torque of 700 Nm between 2,100 rpm and 4,250 rpm to deliver even more power to the road.

Porsche Turbo S Repair NJ | Image 2Porsche 997 Specialist New Jersey | Image 3

Since our customer recently acquired this low mileage Porsche, first up on the list of "to-do's" was a complete vehicle inspection to provide both our Service Team and the owner with what we like to call a "baseline" or starting point of which to build a service plan and/or path for potential upgrades.

Porsche Oil Change NJ | Image 4

After completing a thorough inspection, our technicians performed a lube, oil, and filter service on the Porsche.  Again which allows our Service Team to set a starting point in which to calculate the vehicles up-coming oil change intervals.  In our opinion it's always best to play it safe when it comes to your engine's life blood.

Porsche Center Lock | Image 5

The only major area of concern that was identified for immediate action was the vehicles tires.  Our team made quick work of getting the replacement rubber on the 997.2 to ensure minimal down time for the owner.

Porsche Wheel & Tire Services | Image 6

Unlike most other vehicles on the road this Turbo S is equipped with Porsche's Center Lock wheel technology. Proper wheel service does require specialty tooling for removal and re-installation, as well as a few other additional "steps" that must be taken.

Proper OEM Porsche Tooling | Image 7

One of the largest areas of concern where care must initially be taken is removal and installation of the wheel & tire package on the Porsche, to ensure no damage to the ceramic rotors.

Porsche PCCB Service | Image 8

The Porsche Centerlock is a serviceable item, and should be broken down cleaned, and freshly greased prior to re-installation.

Porsche Centerlock TSB Service | Image 9

There is a very specific torque procedure that must be followed to properly re-install any Porsche center lock wheel to factory standards, and yes it does require both brute strength, and a few pieces of OEM Tooling.

Porsche Centerlock Torque | Image 10

After completing the factory wheel torque process, care must be taken to ensure the center lock's locking mechanism is fully engaged.

Porsche Factory Tools at RSW | Image 11

In the first image below the locking pin is not fully seated.  If the vehicle was to be driven without the pin in the "locked" position there is a risk that the center lock can become loose, and potentially allow the wheel to release from the vehicle.

Porsche Locking Pin NOT Engaged | Image 12

In this image with the locking mechanism fully engaged, and properly seated you can see that the pin is flush with the outer edge of the internal splines. Although this may appear to be a small difference, it is essential this detail is not over-looked.

Porsche Locking Pin ENGAGED Correctly | Image 13

With a complimentary vehicle inspection done, replacement tires mounted and balanced, and the Porsche Turbo's lifeblood replenished, all that was left to do was have our good friends at WAXED USA complete a full Series 2 Detail!

Turbo S Porsche NJ at RSW | Image 14

We look forward to the coming months and seeing this beautiful 997.2 Turbo S back in the shop for a few performance goodies!


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