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Porsche GT3: LSD Rebuild

Porsche 996 GT3 Transmission Removal

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is proud to now be offering complete maintenance, service, and track prep for the Porsche brand.  Over the past few months after the initial launch, our Porsche following has been steadily growing in both street driven vehicles as well as track stars! Today our Service Team focuses on the rebuild of a 996 GT3.

Determine the cause of a few strange noises.

Our team recently had the opportunity to put in some diagnostic time on a customers' track prep'd 996 GT3!  The owner brought the vehicle in to determine the cause of a few strange noises & symptoms he was experiencing under load on track & during street driving.

After a road test with the owner and our experienced Porsche technicians were able to determine that there were several different "things" going on with the vehicle all emanating from the transmission. As a first step prior to just pulling the transmission, the team decided to drain the 996 GT3 gearbox fluid.

Porsche Gear Box Drain Plug, Not Good.

From the metal shavings on the magnetic 996 GT3 drain plug we knew there were internal components excessively wearing / grinding themselves to pieces. So out with the gearbox, with a complete tear down diss-assembly to follow to inspect for damage to determine the cause of the problem, and what the proper repairs were going to entail.

Porsche 996 GT3 Transmission Removal

Once we had the GT3's gearbox in the diss-assembly room and torn down, our team was able to quickly determine the cause of the problems.  First being the Porsche's T/O Bearing & Clutch assembly was on its last leg and needing replacement, as well as the factory limited slip differential was no longer in a functional condition.

Porsche GT3: LSD Rebuild

Nothing replaces experience, remember that.

Diss assembly is an art form

With the Porsche's factory 996 GT3 LSD needing a complete rebuild, there is no other choice than Guard Transmissions.

Guard Transmission LSDs are the industry standard in high performance Porsche differentials. Their assymetrical ramps and proprietary clutches allow for the adjustability and  tunability to suit the needs of the weekend track day junkie or pro-race team alike.  Guard doesn't just ship you a "one size fits all" specification or make LSDs for 2 dozen different marques. Each LSD sold is backed by 2 decades of transmission experience focused on Porsches and their specific needs.

Guard LSD Rebuild time at RSW

For this application and due to our team's experience, we chose to rebuild the factory LSD carrier in house as the customer did not want to upgrade to the billet chromoly body at this time.  With no time wasted the LSD was fully rebuild and ready to be placed back into the gearbox as the customer was eager to get the 996 back out on the track!

RSW GT3 Porsche Gear Box Rebuild

While we had the gearbox apart on the Porsche GT3, we took the opportunity to replace & upgrade the factory clutch assembly. As seen below, we decided to weigh out the complete factory unit.

Porsche GT3 Stock Clutch package

When it comes to Porsche Motorsport products, every little bit gained is an advantage!

Porsche GT3: LSD Rebuild

All that was left to do after the repairs was get the GT3 back together and on the road! The team completed this without issue and was able to get our customer back out on the road!

Have an up-coming DE / Track Event, be sure to stop in to have our team go over your entire vehicle! If your a PCA member be sure to relay that to the service staff for a discount on track services for your Porsche!

Porsche GT3 Roll Cage


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