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Procharger C7 Z06 Corvette

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 1 Image

American Muscle Takes a Trip to the Gym. The Redline Speed Worx Performance Team is Proud to introduce our 2016 C7 Z06 Corvette build!

With lots of our customers, the cars that they bring to us for performance work are already very fast. Whether they were capable of doing 200 mph off the showroom floor, or left the factory with over 500 hp, the term "enough" is something we don’t hear often down here in our shop. To quote Car and Driver’s stance on the new Corvette Z06 "Just ridiculous—as in ridiculously fast, ridiculously quick, ridiculously powerful, and a ridiculous value.”  We happen to agree, but a Procharger build can only increase the level of insanity!

The factory 2016 Corvette Z06 is a true powerhouse... 650 hp (at the crank), 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, and adjustable aero. The spec list reads a bit more like something you would assign to a vehicle that existed merely in your imagination, but no, this can be bought and driven away from almost any Chevrolet dealer if you have approximately 90k burning a hole in your pocket.

Pilot Sport Cup 2’s Over Carbon Ceramic Brembo Braking System:

For some, the base car is more than they will ever need, for others the impressive starting platform is just that, a platform to take the car to even greater heights. For our customer with this 100 mile old Silver/Tan spec’d Z06 he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to improve on what this car already does extremely well, go really, really fast.

Shoot it even needs vents to let all that hot air the horsepower creates exit the engine bay:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 2 Image

Luckily since the LT4 that comes stock in the C7 Z06 is such a capable starting point it doesn’t require a lot of parts to really make it sing. For this particular customer we are targeting 800 WHP with as few compromises as possible. In order to achieve these goals we reached out to our performance partners at Brian Tooley Racing, Kooks Performance, and Procharger to put together a combination capable of producing these results. Making a cool, comfortable, reliable 1000 hp used to be something that only dreams were made of but now this can happen in our workshop, budget permitting.

100 miles old, now it’s fully undressed, here is the view from underneath the chassis where you can see the crank and main bolts.

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 3 Image

Here is another shot from above after the heads have been removed. Not often we get to see a 100 mile old motor torn down to this level! All this diss-assembly was required to both install the upgraded Crankshaft Pulley, as well as upgraded valve train, and head studs.

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 4 Image

Brian Tooley has been producing high end performance products for American cars for over 20 years.  He started off with his own head and cylinder porting shop, moved to working for Holley Performance, then going back to the porting industry, to only finally leave to do it all on his own again in 2010. Since then BTR has developed a very strong reputation for producing some of the best performing hardware, especially for the GM V8 application.

Comp Cams Valvetrain Upgrade to account for the extra lift and duration from the Cam choice:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 5 Image

The re-built C7 Z06 Cylinder Heads back on the motor:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 6 Image

We contacted Procharger for our supercharging needs for similar reasons, they are the industry leader when it comes to centrifugal style aftermarket superchargers. They have been building supercharger kits for years, and know exactly how to build a complete engineered solution. You don’t own 30 patents and do in house machining and engineering to make widgets, the products these guys build flat-out work! After consulting with Procharger on our customer’s goals they produced a F1-A based kit specifically for our application. Included with the blower unit itself was a radically upgraded air to air intercooler, trick intake manifold, and all the necessary hoses and hardware to plumb the air from the supercharger to the intake manifold.

Wimpy Factory Heat Exchanger:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 7 Image

‘Merica Sized upgraded air to air unit from Procharger:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 8 Image

That looks like something that can cool 1000hp right of air, right? New intercooler installed:

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 9 Image

Once the Procharged Supercharger System and the Internal Engine Upgrades were complete, it was time for our Team to turn their attention to the Z06 exhaust system. Being able to feed the engine with more air meant we had to upgrade the Corvette’s exhaust system. We chose to install a full K00ks Performance Long Tube Header system.

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 10 Image

Satin Black Intake Manifold nestled ontop of the C7 Z06’s LT4.

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 11 Image

The heart of the Procharged F1-A Upgrade, the blower itself!

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 12 ImageProcharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 13 Image

Once Installation was complete the now Procharged Z06 was brought down to our Performance Partners at Race Proven Motorsports for initial pump gas tuning (93 octane). The goal of this build was to achieve 800 HP initially, with the custom tailored package our Performance Team put together for the owner we were able to make 770 Wheel Horse Power, which easily exceeds the benchmarked goal of power at the crank! Next step will be to add a complete methanol injection system and see if we can put this Corvette over the 1,000 HP mark!

Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette | 14 Image

If you have any questions about the build, the parts we used, or the outcome please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, phone or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for more coverage of this build.

Although Corvette’s are not our bread and butter here at RSW we always relish the opportunity to help our clients achieve their automotive goals. Whether you’re looking to bolt on an extra 300 hp or just looking to add 30-50, we have the technical partners, expertise, and ability to help you get there!


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