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Race Ramps: Flat Stopper

Race Ramps: Flat Stopper | Image 1

Redline Speed Worx is Proud to Now Carry the RACE RAMPS complete product line ! 

Race Ramp Features

  • Race Ramps are designed with low profile vehicles in mind - so even if you like to keep things on the down low, we got you covered.
  • Our ramps are made out of a high density "space age" foam - 100% solid, yet weighing only around 15lbs each. That's about 2 gallons of milk - or about 2.5 gallons of gas.
  • Race Ramps are coated with a subtle rubber anti-skid texture. Since they're also totally solid, the entire bottom surface gets grip. You won't be going anywhere soon.
  • They won't gouge your floor, they won't sink in sand. They won't rust, and you can leave them outside to brave the elements. Even when you overload them, their 100% solid core will still be there to protect you.

FlatStoppers® keep tires from flat spotting during long periods of storage.

Race Ramps: Flat Stopper | Image 2

FlatStoppers® will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite changing floor temperatures.

FlatStoppers® were developed as a solution for people having problems with tires developing flat spots when a vehicle is parked for 30 days or longer. Once tires are set on FlatStoppers (on a level surface), they settle into the pad's concave depression, which helps support more of the tire. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly onto the tire – helping to prevent any flat spotting. The pads measure 22.3" long x 3.5" high x 14" wide, and will accommodate tires up to 12" wide.

Race Ramps: Flat Stopper | Image 3

As with all Brute Industries products, Flatstoppers® are made with the company's patented super-lightweight 100% solid construction technique – making them highly durable, virtually indestructible, and providing a 6,000 lb. vehicle weight capacity. FlatStoppers' textured coating prevents sliding across floors - including epoxy-coated floors and RaceDeck®.

FlatStoppers® won't scratch or otherwise damage floors, and won't rust.

Race Ramps: Flat Stopper | Image 4

If you have any additional questions about Race Ramps, or the Flat Stoppers please feel free to contact us Directly !

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