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RENNtech 63 AMG Biturbo Upgrades


Redline Speed Worx is Proud to Announce the Release of RENNtech 63 AMG Biturbo Performance Upgrades !

RENNtech ECU Upgrade CLS 63 (C218- 669 HP / 734 TQ for M157)

RENNtech's proprietary ECU upgrade for the Mercedes M157 engine offers huge gains in performance across the entire RPM range without sacrificing around town comfort or daily driver reliability.

The ECU tune offers the biggest performance gains on the market with our dyno results increasing performance from 556HP and 550 lb/ft torque to an astonishing 669HP and 734 lb/ft at the crank! This allows the CLS 63 to run the quarter mile on D.O.T. street tires in an impressive 11.3 seconds at 125 mph with 0-60 mph coming in a mere 3.4 seconds.

Equipped with drag radials on the CLS we were able to achieve an even more impressive quarter mile time. The CLS was able to rocket down the drag strip; clocking a quarter mile time of 10.9 seconds @ 129 mph with 0-60 mph coming in 3.2 seconds!

Note: We have found the new M157 engine stock performance numbers vary from the baseline figures claimed by Mercedes Benz. We typically see slightly higher baseline numbers than claimed by the factory.

  • CLS 63 (C218) Stock Performance (Without Performance Package):
  • 518 HP @ 5500 RPM; 516 LB-FT @ 4800 RPM
  • Modified Performance (Without Performance Package)
  • 669 HP @ 5500 RPM; 734 LB-FT @ 3800 RPM
  • CLS 63 (C218) Stock Performance (With Performance Package):
  • 550 HP @ 5500 RPM; 590 LB-FT @ 4800 RPM
  • Modified Performance (With Performance Package)
  • 669 HP @ 5500 RPM; 734 LB-FT @ 3800 RPM

Intercooler Pump Upgrade for 63 Biturbo Engine

RENNtech's latest second generation intercooler pump out performs any other unit on the market; flowing over twice as much coolant as the problematic OEM pump and significantly more than its predecessor.

Testing showed our Intercooler pump Testing showed our Intercooler pump flows an impressive 8.7 G.P.M. @ 11.6 P.S.I. compared to the OEM pumps 3.00 G.P.M. flow rate.

This increase in flow dramatically removes heat from the incoming air; allowing for a denser air/fuel mixture and substantially cooler charge air temperatures over the entire operating range.

Our pump upgrade kit mounts in the OEM location without any modifications, due to its dramatically smaller size and lighter weight and comes complete with all necessary plumbing, electrical connectors, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


Down Pipes with Catalytic Bypass for CLS 63 Biturbo (C218)

Our performance down pipes replace the restrictive stock exhaust for improved performance, reduced back pressure, greater exhaust gas volume and better sound.

Combined with RENNTECH's ECU software our CLS 63 down pipes create an incredible sound with performance to match.

Our down pipes mate perfectly with the stock CLS exhaust system and include all necessary mounting hardware and clamps. High-strength 304 stainless steel construction ensures lasting quality and a rich, consistent sound.

Note: This product will require a RENNtech ECU upgrade to avoid a CEL.

Gains: 10HP and 15 FT-LB


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