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Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 1

The "hot hatch" has been an ever evolving creature in the automotive lineups over the years. From the original Mini/ GTI  with very simple engines paired with manual transmissions, and little to no creature comforts, they  have matured into luxurious, comfortable, practical, four wheel drive paddle shifting 400hp beasts, such as the GLA45 AMG.

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) Service Team is comprised of Mercedes Benz Master Certified Technicians. We are able to assist with anything from your basic Maintenance Service, all the way to complete engine rebuilds for all AMG vehicles.

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 2

Although on the lower end of the AMG totem pole the A45 motor doesn’t feel sorry for itself.  It still receives AMG’s one man one engine treatment and also is credited with being the highest output of any production 4 cylinder built.

The process of upgrading the GLA45 AMG ‘s turbocharger is rather straight forward, as the unit is located on the front of the engine, rather than being snugly fit against the firewall in applications on the VW & Audi.

First the OEM turbocharger and downpipe are removed and disconnected:

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 3

Say hello to RENNtech’s power Solution for the GLA45 AMG:

The lightweight forged billet wheel features a dramatically larger than stock impeller (inlet side) and an increase in the turbine trim (exhaust side). This combination of high quality, light weight components coupled with less rolling resistance compensates for turbo lag despite being a functionally larger turbo.

Making up to an incredible 460 HP and 415 TQ at the crank in the GLA45 AMG!

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 4

This little turbo right here takes the car from being quick to being truly FAST.  Here it is nestled back onto the exhaust manifold with the compressor outlet reconnected to the charge piping. The RENNtech Turbo Upgrade uses a modified bearing and a stronger shaft, to remedy the factory weaknesses found in the GLA45 AMG. The end result is nothing short of spectacular with the RENNtech turbo package.

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 5

Check out the large hotside and smooth exhaust outlet:

Renntech GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade | Image 6

RENNtech Turbo Upgrade and RENNtech High Flow Downpipe paired and installed:

Our performance downpipe has been developed specifically for the GLA45 AMG to maximize exhaust gas flow, minimize back pressure and is a complete bolt-on power solution.

GLA45 AMG Turbo Upgrade

Crafted from T-304 stainless steel and featuring a 3.5″ inlet and 3″outlet, our downpipe mates perfectly with the OEM exhaust and requires no ECU modifications due to our specially coated hi flow tri-metal catalytic converter. The 200 cell catalytic is significantly freer flowing than the restrictive OEM catalytic yet efficiently filters exhaust gases to ensure the check engine light remains off.

Our down pipe is finished in a thermal resistant coating and requires no modifications to the OEM system.

Video Clip to get an idea of volume levels and exhaust character:

More power isn’t the only performance benefit as our turbo spools quicker, offer a more responsive throttle and immediate power delivery thanks to a reduction in exhaust back pressure, rolling resistance, higher RPM’s and a lighter rotating mass. In addition, our turbo upgrade kit includes the RENNtech ECU Upgrade and high-performance air filter.

60-130 MPH Test Results:

If you have any questions regarding Renntech products for your Mercedes Benz please do not hesitate to Call us, Email or Message us on Facebook!


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