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Rod Bearing Service: BMW E92 M3

BMW E92 M3 Maintenance | Image 1

Ladies & Gentlemen we have all known about BMW's S65 V8 Rod Bearing issue for a good few years now but we feel like we keep learning every time we have another car come into our shop to complete a preventative Rod Bearing replacement.

This particular example was extremely low mileage, only 28 thousand miles on it. No track time, no other engine modifications, purely used as a fun street car, but obviously given the low mileage not driven extremely often.

The car was in EXTREMELY clean shape, when you see these cars as often as we do it’s obvious who really takes care of them and who neglects them, but this was one of the most well taken care of examples we have seen.

Under the hood looked factory fresh: 

BMW S65 V8 Rod Bearing Replacement at RSW | Image 2

Every Inch of this BMW E92 S65 V8 M3 was perfect.

BMW Rod Bearing Service | Image 3

It was apparent the owner loves his vehicle, unfortunately all the love and caring in the world cannot prevent the Rod Bearings in a S65 V8 from the inherent clearance issue:

BMW M3 Rod Bearing Service at Redline Speed Worx | Image 4BMW M3 Rod Bearing Service at Redline Speed Worx | Image 5

Being that this level of wear was found in a car with such low miles we are rethinking our stance in terms of when is the right time to do this service. It appears that if you plan on keeping the car for an extended period of time there is basically no point that is "too soon".

BMW Engine Repair M3 RSW | Image 6

We recommend that everyone who may be curious about the condition of their s65 first get a Blackstone Oil Analysis to see if wear metals are high which we can offer with any oil change service. If the levels are found to be high it's a sure sign that it may be time to get your M3 into the shop!

It appears that S65 Rod Bearing Replacement is a matter of when not IF for E9X M3 owners.

BMW M3 Repair | Image 7

If you have any questions regarding the S65 Bearing Service for your BMW please don’t hesitate to Call, or E-mail Us directly at your convenience!


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