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Snow Tires: The Difference Between Grip & Slip

Snow Tires: The Difference Between Grip & Slip | Image 1

Winter is approaching! Is your all-wheel drive equipped vehicle ready to handle the weather with a proper snow tire?

All-wheel drive systems are incredible, however as this video will show you, without the correct tires, an all-wheel drive car can be still be crippled by the weather. Snow Tires: The Difference Between Gripping & Slipping.

It’s hard to really appreciate the benefit of snow tires without watching that video. Now you might watch and say, that’s great and all but I don’t plan on driving up any indoor ski slopes, what do I need snow tires for? Even if you never drive in the snow, winter tires are better suited to gripping the tarmac and asphalt when it is both wet and cold. When Tire manufacturers produce a standard tire it is made to work WELL in a wide variety of conditions, this is where we get the label of "all-season" tires.

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Here at RSW we refer to "all-season" tires as "no season" tires, because in order to work in all conditions, compromises must be made. The best tire for a smooth, dry surface devoid of major debris is a slick tire.

Slicks work best because it allows for the greatest amount of rubber to be in contact with the driving surface.

The best tire for overall road holding is a performance sports tire.

Porsche Michelin Tire Replacement | Image 2

These have tread, to allow road debris and water to move out of the way to provide a surface for the tire to grip on in uneven surfaces. Since there is no rubber where the grooves are, obviously not as much of the tire will be in contact with the ground as a slick, but in less than ideal conditions these tires provide more grip than a slick tire.

Lastly, the best tire for the winter is a snow tire!

Audi Snow Tires | Image 3

The biggest differences between these and your run-of-the-mill all season is the design of the tread, and the properties of the compound itself. Winter tires are softer so that they grip the road better, and they also have lots of sipes cut into the tread blocks, which are the little shallow cuts, and are especially helpful in wet and icy conditions.

Audi RS4 Winter Prep | Image 4

Now that you can visibly discern the difference between what tires are the best for assorted conditions it’s time to talk about what snow tires we recommend for winter use. Our favorites, year after year are the Bridgestone Bilizzak, General Altimax Arctic, and the Michelin Alpin or X-Ice line. We have found that regardless of the vehicle you are driving all of these tires offer great traction in winter conditions with only minimal compromises. As we mentioned before all tire choices are a compromise, but if you want to be safe and mobile this winter, mounting a set of any of these on your car will make your all-wheel drive equipped vehicle unstoppable this winter.

Audi TTRS Snow Tires | Image 5

So, since winter is just around the corner, don’t be that person in an all-wheel drive vehicle getting stuck! Make sure that your all-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with a set of winter specific tires.

Have any questions regarding specific tires or fitment options for your vehicle please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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