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Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG

Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG | Image 1

The Service Team here at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) recently had the opportunity to get a beautiful SL55 AMG back into fighting condition. The owner of the vehicle had expressed a few areas of concern to address, but was most worried about the vehicles lack of power, and strange noises emitting from under the hood.

Our Master Certified Mercedes Benz Technician quickly got to work giving this AMG a thorough inspection from top to bottom ensuring the owner does not run into any foreseen over the coming months.

Proper Maintenance = Happy Ownership Experience of an SL55 AMG.

Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG | Image 2

Our Team quickly identified that the first major area of concern, a failed Supercharger Pulley Assembly. This is becoming a more frequent occurrence as the Mercedes Benz’s equipped with the V8 Supercharged AMG engine reach higher mileages. From our vast experience we have been able to identify a less painless repair to the owner's wallet!

Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG | Image 3

No lubrication and missing ball bearings are never a good thing. The factory 55 Compressor Supercharger Pulley Assembly is made up of two parts. The first being an electro-magnetic clutch for engagement of the unit, which is similar to that of an A/C Compressor Clutch. The second piece of the puzzle from the AMG engineers is the roller pulley assembly with what Mercedes Benz will explain to you is a non-serviceable bearing.

Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG | Image 4

With 10+ years experience Servicing, Maintaining, and Repairing the M113K AMG Engine our Team has been able to source the appropriate replacement bearing that is installed in the Supercharger Pulley Assembly at the factory. We have been able to save countless customers from spending $1,500.00+ on an entire new unit (including the electro-magnetic clutch) when the only issue with the assembly is a simple bearing failure.

Supercharger Pulley Repair: SL55 AMG | Image 5

If your Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG is suffering from a failed Supercharger Pulley Assembly please contact our Service Team today to discuss the proper repair process!


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