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Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 1

They call the BMW F80 M3 "the ultimate driving machine" but from the factory it’s not quite in its final form.

When cars roll off of showroom floors, regardless of all the hard work the engineers, the technicians, and the assemblymen put into putting the car together, it is for lack of a better word, neutered.


What we can do with a custom alignment is, re-focus the suspension geometry to do what YOU, the customer wants it to on your F80 M3.

Want do dial out some oversteer? We can do that. We can add some negative camber to the back, we can add some toe out to the rear, or we can dial some positive camber into the front, or we can add toe in to the front….. there are countless options for adjustability.

Maybe you’re getting confident and you want to get the rear out a little easier? We can do that too!

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 2

Maybe you are just swapping over to your winter setup, and you want to make sure the settings are square before you cause unnecessary wear to your brand new tires like the owner of this Yas Marina sample:

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 3Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 4

The beauty of proper performance alignments is that you can substantially effect how the car behaves without actually changing any parts. Of course you are limited by the adjustment provided by the stock components and there are aftermarket parts such as camber plates, sway bars, and adjustable control arms for those seeking more drastic improvements.

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 5

On just the BMW F80 M3 platform we have installed Springs from 4 manufacturers, Swift, H&R, KW and Eibach, we have installed a slew of coil overs; some of whom were targeting improved track performance, some targeting improved street manners.

For those that are looking for even further refinement of their BMW F80/F82 we also offer a corner balancing service for those who decide to install suspension that allows for  that level of specific adjustment.

BMW F82 M4 on Scales after the installation of KW Variant 3 Coilovers

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 6

End result of Corner Balancing, a near perfectly weight distributed chassis.

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 7

After corner balancing this BMW F82 M4 and installing KW Variant 3 Coilovers we were able to embarrass 991 GT3 a plenty on track. It’s truly remarkable how much of a difference exact alignment specs, proper suspension components, and dialing in the cross weights really change how the car feels. Not only did the car have more grip than stock form, but it was looked better, could bounce over curbing without being disturbed, and could put the power down nice and early out of tight corners.

Ultimate Driving Machine Enhanced: BMW F80 M3 | Image 8

If you are interested in an Alignment, Corner Balance, or any other kind of suspension improvements please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can provide products from various manufactures to suit your individual need. Whether its springs, sway bars, end links, struts, or a full blown coil over system RSW and our performance partners have a solution for you.

Please don’t hesitate to Call us, Email or Message us on Facebook!


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