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Value Guide Seal Service for BMW X5 50i

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 1

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) offers complete BMW X5 Repair, Service, and Maintenance for all of Central New Jersey. Our Team can take care of your BMW, whether it just needs an Oil Change all the way to extensive engine repair. We have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get your BMW safely back on the road.

The BMW X5 V8 engine has seen a lot of development since the S62 dating back to 1998. That was a glorious motor, made great noises, revved nice and freely, and made plenty of torque, however as always with the EPA’s never-ending quest for unlimited gas mileage it eventually gave way to new technology. The latest iteration of this motor, comes in the form of the N63 & S63 which is a 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8.

Although the growl of the naturally aspirated motor has been lost, there are upsides, notably 400-567 horsepower and  440-550 ft lbs of torque depending on the variant. With all this new found power comes the responsibility of maintaining it.  The patient today is an X5 equipped with the N63 V8 Twin Turbo designated by the 50i badging on the exterior of the SUV

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 2

Our Team is performing a BMW X5 Valve Guide Seal Replacement Service at our facility located in Green Brook, New Jersey.

Asking yourself how do you know you need such an extensive engine out service? If you are finding that your BMW is asking for more engine oil in-between normal oil changes, or are seeing blue smoke upon startup those are some of the tell-tale signs that this service may be in your future.

Our Service Team has all of the OEM BMW Factory Tooling to properly complete the N63 Valve Guide Seal Replacement service. The tools required for this overhaul allow the engine to stay correctly timed, as the timing chain and camshafts have to be removed to gain access to the valve guides.

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 3

Here you can see one bank of camshafts, lifters, and cam caps on the disassembly table after being removed from one of the cylinder heads.

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 4Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 5

Once the camshafts are removed, it’s time to actually take care of the valve guides with more BMW specific tools seen below. In this image our Technicians are pressurizing each individual cylinder, removing the valve springs + retainers, and then replacing the seal on the valve itself. The Green paint markings indicate finished valves.

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 6

While the engine was out our BMW Service Team did inform the owner of this X5 that it would be an excellent time to complete a Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning Service because it requires the engine to be removed. Knocking this service out while the engine is already out of the SUV is killing two birds with one stone!

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 7

Here she is all buttoned up ready to go back together. One thing took take notice of is how closely all the hoses/lines and wires are tucked in around the engine. This is done as the room between the engine and the chassis is an extremely tight fit so one must be very careful when lowering the chassis down around the engine after the repair has been completed.

Value Guide Seal Service: BMW X5 50I | Image 8

After this engine-out repair operation this BMW X5 is ready for years and tens of thousands of miles of driving with proper maintenance. If you are interested in getting a quote for a full rebuild or just some minor work to your BMW or any other kind of vehicle please don’t hesitate to call us, Email or Message us on Facebook!

No job is too big or too small for our service team and we would be more than happy to help you keep your vehicle running for miles and miles to come!


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