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Valve Cleaning N54/N55: BMW Carbon Blasting Service

Valve Cleaning N54/N55: BMW Carbon Blasting Service | Image 1

Why does my BMW Need this Service?

All direct injection BMW engines suffer from the common issue of excessive carbon build up on the vehicle’s intake valves to some degree. This buildup will cause drivability issues that will become more pronounced over time as carbon levels increase.

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Some of the key complaints of a BMW engine that is requiring this service are:

  • Lack of Engine Power
  • Flat Spots in the vehicle’s power band
  • Poor throttle response
  • Engine Misfires
  • Loss of fuel economy
  • Cold Start Idle Issues

In most cases over time these issues will result in a Check Engine Light as well as failure to be able to pass local emissions standards and inspections.

BMW 535i Carbon Build Up | Image 2

What is BMW Intake Valve Carbon Build Up?

Intake valve Carbon build up is not something that happens overnight, it can take years and / or tens of thousands of miles to reach a level that will begin to cause adverse effects on your BMW. The actual "build-up" is layers of an [oil / fuel mixture] that is deposited on the intake valves due to normal operation of the BMW’s PCV System.

BMW Intake Valve Carbon Build Up | Image 3

Why does this happen to my BMW Engine?

There are numerous discussions as to the leading contributors to this problem, but it has become evident in all direct injection engines that intake valve carbon cleaning services will be required at some point over a vehicles’ life span.

The most common reasoning for the buildup is due to the additional "contaminants" that are in the air passing across the engine’s intake valves. The air your BMW’s engine is consuming is mixed with both exhaust and crank case fumes that are recycled through the engine as part of today’s advanced emissions systems.

BMW Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning Ready to Begin | Image 4

In a multi-port injection engine, fuel is injected prior to the intake valves, this allows for the fuel to clean the buildup that accumulates on the intake ports and valves. Contaminants in the air mixture are then carried into the cylinder with the fuel to be burnt.

In BMW’s direct injection engine, fuel is injected directly into the cylinder. This provides no ability for the recycled exhaust and crankcase fumes to be diluted prior to reaching the heated intake valve. Rather than being carried into the cylinder to be burnt during the combustion process, the oil / carbon contaminants collect on the valve. Over time the engine is slowly starved of useable air as if sucking through a drinking straw rather than a fire hose.

Why isn’t the BMW Intake Valve Carbon Build up easily solved with a cleaning solution?

Due to the course of normal engine operation, over time the carbon will either become very oily & sticky, or it will be baked almost solid. At times the build up can be so baked into the intake chamber and valve that it can not even be removed by directly scraping at the material. It is for this reason the RSW Service Team has invested in the correct tooling to ensure a quick turn around, and proper cleaning service is performed EVERY TIME.

BMW Approved Crushed Walnut Shell Material | Image 5

BMW Walnut Blasting Service for Intake Valve Cleaning

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) provides BMW Factory Level cleaning services for all Direct Injection engines. The service is completed with the use of BMW factory approved tooling, and approved crushed walnut shell media. The process is able to safely remove excess carbon build up, and is significantly more cost effective then cylinder head removal for cleaning.

BMW Factory Intake Valve Carbon Blasting Equipment | Image 6

When the process is complete the Factory BMW tooling generally returns the valve and intake chamber back to a "like-new" condition. The Intake Valve Cleaning is usually able to be completed by our Service Team in one day with excellent results!

BMW Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning Complete, Like New! | Image 7

Is there a Long Term Solution?

Unfortunately there is no simple solution to prevent carbon build up of BMW direct injection engines. Some solutions may post-pone the problem or even extend the period between services, but they will not eliminate it fully. Our Service Team works to educate our clients about pro-actively preforming this cleaning as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program over the course of ownership.

BMW Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning – New Jersey’s BMW Specialist

Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is located in the heart of Central New Jersey in Green Brook. Our Service Team offers complete BMW Intake Valve Cleaning services, as well as BMW Repair, Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Tuning, and Performance Upgrades for BMW Vehicles.

Contact the RSW Service Team today with any questions on the service, evaluating your BMW’s current state of buildup, or if you would just like to discuss in further detail.

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