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Worx Wagon Never Ceases to Amaze!

Worx Wagon

Redline Speed Worx is Proud to Have Now Built The MOST Powerful 2.7T Tial 770 Equipped S4 !

After hundreds of man hours put into both building and refining our very own Worx Wagon, yesterday all of our work finally paid off.  After several rounds of tuning with our good friends at European Performance Labs (EPL) testing & tuning new modifications our efforts proved fruitful. We were able to extract 740 all wheel horsepower from our S4 on VP MS109 fuel.

We are happy to announce that we have now built the MOST powerful 2.7T equipped Tial 770 Audi in existance.

There is nothing better than coming into 40 pounds of boost on the street in thrid gear and having the station wagon go sideways as it looses traction.  Achieving this level of power from the platform was no easy task, which we have proved over the two years it took to assemble the S4.  One would think this would lead into the completion of the build, but here at RS WORX we do not stop.  Next on the to-do list will be an complete OEM RS4 body conversion all in an effort to fit 10+ inch width wheels to enhance our traction abilities.  Furthermore this avant was in no way shape or form to be built as a dyno queen, we will be upgrading and replacing all of the drivetrain components to allow this S4 to be extensively abused at the track with no worry of braking components.

Full video feature will be soon be released of the vehicle, which we hope will accurately demonstrate the aggressive raw nature of this subtle beast.

The build article on the Worx Wagon can be found here.

Results from the first round of tuning can be seen here.

A short build list of the upgrades and components currently installed in the Avant:


  • The engine was completely balanced & blue printed and rebuilt with all new components. Any seal, gasket, nut, bolt, stud that could be replaced was
  • Block was ultra-sonic cleaned, inspected, and machined
  • Engine was bored over to fit the 81.5MM Mahle Motorsport Pistons and Forged H Beam Connecting Rods with ARP Hardware
  • Crankshaft was cleaned, inspected, and polished
  • Calico Coated Main, Thrust, and Connecting Rod Bearings
  • All new OEM Audi Main Studs replaced
  • New OEM Audi Oil Pump
  • Our own CNC Ported & Polished 2.8L V6 Cylinder Heads
  • Complete +1MM Over-sized Ferrea Valvetrain Upgrade
  • Heads were completely rebuilt with all new OEM Lifters, Camshaft Chain Tensioners / Chains
  • New valve guides and seats were installed into our cylinder heads as well
  • Cylinder Heads are using new OEM Audi 2.8L intake camshafts, and 2.7T exhaust camshafts as they have the most aggressive grind for our higher horsepower built.
  • We are running an OEM Audi RS4 Throttle Body
  • Modified OEM RS4 Intake Manifold ( We have almost doubled the internal plenum volume )
  • All the accessories have been replaced ( AC Compressor, Alternator, Starter, Power Steering Pump ) - NEW OEM Audi
  • The vehicle has the best side mount intercoolers ( which are currently no longer available ), they were built by hand by Jason @ AMD.  We have also built a larger custom intercooler up piping to the throttle body utilizing the OEM Audi RS4 Metal Throttle Body Boot.
  • The Intake Manifold, Intercoolers, and Intercooler Piping has all been Thermal Coated with an Ceramic Coating to increase cooling efficiency by up to 25% over a non coated piece.
  • The exhaust manifolds were not modified in any way other than ceramic coating them.
  • We have deleted the belt / clutch driven radiator fan in favor of a high output electric unit.
  • The vehicle is running a complete Mocal External Oil Cooler, which works amazingly well
  • The vehicle is running an upgraded Power Steering Fluid Cooler as well.
  • Complete custom built Aquamist HFS-3 Methanol System utilizing three 1.0MM Jets which are installed / tapped into the RS4 TBB.
  • Howerton Engineering Enclosed 2 Gallon Tank w/ Methanol Pump in rear hatch of the vehicle
  • OEM Audi RS4 Metal Y Pipe
  • Custom Built Intake to EPL Maf & Filter Assembly, wrapped in heat reflective gold foil

Fuel System:

  • complete fuel system was replaced in the vehicle in favor of the much larger needs of the upgraded engine / turbocharger system.  The system has the capacity for over 1500 BHP
  • 034 Motorsports Bosch 044 Intank Fuel Pump
  • Intank 044 feeds a Radium Engineering Surge Tank / Double Pumper Fuel System.  Radium's fuel system utilizes a 1 Liter Surge tank that feeds twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps that are then tied inline into a -8AN Hardline fuel line which runs the length of the vehicle to the engine
  • Radium Double Pump system as been installed into the cavity underneath the vehicle where the factory charcoal canister would be located.  This results in a 100% safe location from both the interior cabin as well as road debris
  • -8AN Hardline ( fuel rated ) runs into the engine bay and is tied into a -10AN IN/OUT external fuel filter which then feeds the 034 Motorsport Billet Fuel Rails
  • From the Billet Fuel rails the fuel rated braided -8AN line goes into the Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator.  The return from the FPR runs again back into a -6AN Hardline ( fuel rated ) and is dumped back into the surge tank
  • We are running European Performance Labs High output EV14 Bosch Fuel Injectors


  • The factory 01E 6 Speed Transmission was completely diss-assembled and inspected for any possible damage
  • We completely rebuilt the transmission with all new seals, gaskets, syncro's / springs, 1-2 slider assembly
  • We did replace both the 1st and 2nd gear with New OEM Audi gears which were cyro-treated before being installed into the transmission
  • Transmission is utilizing a Tilton Sintered Twin Disc with 034 Motorsport's custom CNC'd Billet Flywheel. The entire assembly weighs in at about 18lbs if I remember correctly
  • We have installed 034 Motorsport Engine / Transmission Mounts, 034 Motorsport Poly Snub Mount w/ Cage, AWE-Tuning DTS bar, Apikol Differential Billet Front Mount, and 034 Motorsport Billet Rear differential Cross Brace with Apikol Poly Bushings. Driveshaft and all axles have been replaced with newer lower mileage units.
  • Transmission and Rear Differential fluid has been upgraded to MOTUL 75-90 Gear 300


  • Entire Brake System was replaced in favor for the complete Stoptech Front & Rear System
  • Stoptech St-40 Front Calipers with 13" two piece slotted rotors
  • Stoptech St-22 Rear Calipers with 13" two piece slotted rotors
  • Stoptech St-10 Parking Brake Caliper
  • Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Stoptech Street / Track Brake Pads
  • Stoptech 2 piece rotors were gold zinc coated to prevent corrosion issues


  • Entire suspension was rebuilt from ground up to handle the power of the vehicle
  • KW Variant 3 Fully Adjustable Coilovers
  • Complete Front End Rebuilt, 034 Motorsport Billet Adjustable Upper Control Arms, full 034 Motorsport upgraded control arms with their bushing kit, new tie rod assemblies, new strut mounts / bushings
  • H-Sport Front & Rear Upgraded Sway Bars with Billet Rear Sub frame brace
  • 034 Motorsport Billet Rear Adjustable Tie Bars
  • 034 Motorsport Billet Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End links
  • 034 Motorsport Billet Gold Front Sway bar End links
  • All Suspension / coilover mounting hardware has been modified for ease of shock adjustment while installed into the vehicle

Turbocharger System:

  • Complete Tial R770 Turbochargers ( Billet Compressor Wheels, Dual Ball Bearing ) w/ Tial Inlets which were wrapped in heat reflective gold foil

Exhaust System:


  • The vehicle has a completely custom built exhaust system
  • We built Dual 3" catless divorced downpipes which run into a dual 3" to single 4" Outlet merge collector.  This entire portion of the exhaust is all 304 SS, fully TIG welded and back purged.
  • From the single 4" 304 SS collector we built a 100% Aluminum 4" exhaust system which runs to a single 4" aluminum muffler and then out the back of the vehicle with a single 4" circular tip.
  • Entire exhaust system is built utilizes all V band clamp assemblies to ensure there are no exhaust leaks.


  • Custom Built CCW 3 Piece Forged Wheels
  • 18x8.5 All Around
  • 5MM Hub-centric spacers installed to clear Stoptech Brake Upgrade
  • Wheels were completely diss-assembled and rebuilt. Lips have been completely re-polished, billet faces were custom powder coated
  • ARP Wheel hardware was 24k gold anodized on all 4 wheels
  • We had custom built TITANIUM lug bolts made for the wheels
  • Wheels are all running 235/35/R18 Continental DW Summer Performance Tires


  • OEM Audi RS4 Front Bumper w/ grills and fog lights
  • OEM European Avant Rear Bumper
  • OEM Audi RS4 Tailgate Hatch Spoiler
  • Hatch is currently completely de-badged


  • RECARO Sportster CS Leather / Suede Insert Seats
  • Schroth 4 Point Harness
  • Complete Custom 2x2 Twill Carbon Fiber Trim, both belt line and dash
  • Stewart Warner 40 PSI Boost Gauge
  • Aquamist HFS-3 Gauge


  • The S4 was tuned by our good friend Tony @ European Peformance Labs.

After reading all of this we know you are thinking this is a fluke or some sort of freak occurance. Well all we can say is this is without a doubt no freak accourance!  

There are several other 2.7T big power builds that are completed and / or near completion, with identical builds.  More PROOF of POWER is in the works ! It's not all about air ride and expensive wheels any longer. . . We are bringing PERFORMANCE back!

Worx Wagon


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