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We're here to keep your vehicle safe & reliable. If there is anything we can do to help you, just ask. We'll all get through this by helping each other. We are sanitizing vehicles before and after we work on them, offering vehicle pick up and delivery, and operating under a no contact model.

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Since our incorporation in 2008, Redline Speed Worx is now the Tri-State’s Premier European service facility. In addition, we have built an extensive network of high end vendors’ for BMW performance and service products which allows us to develop cutting edge technology for a wide range of performance vehicle platforms.

About BMW

BMW is a German luxury automobile manufacturing company that was founded in the 1910s. Today, it is most notable for its M Series vehicles which are basically modified higher trim models. M-badged cars receive a good range of modifications on various parts, including their engines, suspensions, transmissions and more. If you are an avid car enthusiast who likes to push his or her vehicle to the limit, some problems may need to be addressed at some point of time. If you did not compromise on your choice of car, we recommend that you do compromise with diagnostics as well.

Common BMW Issues and Symptoms

All BMW car owners must be cognizant of the fact that a lit Check Engine Light usually indicates one or more vehicle components are the reasons that trigger it. For starters, here is a good list of some of the more common BMW issues and symptoms:

  • Faulty cooling systems
  • Electrical system problems
  • Engine problems
  • Fuel injection issues
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Cracked intake boots
  • CCV issues
  • Climate control issues
  • Steering wheel vibrates when braking
  • Your car runs rough
  • Blower motor refuses to run

It is important that your vehicle’s problems are diagnosed early as it can significantly cut down on repair costs, energy, time as well as other frustrating headaches.

What Our BMW Diagnostics Services Offers

At RSW, we do not diagnose a BMW problem by just reading codes from an onboard computer, our Autologic BMW Diagnostic Scanner allows us to perform more procedures like clearing and setting of adaptation values, full component activation and more. Here is quick look at the BMW diagnostic services we offer:

  • Generating value reports on your vehicle’s fuel pressure
  • Troubleshoot modules (e.g. ignition control)
  • Module value Monitoring
  • Reset Adaptions

At RSW, our team of automotive professionals is ASE Certified and Factory Master Certified. They are not only experts at operating our facility’s Autologic BMW Diagnostic system, but are also skilled at employing the use of the Snap On Battery Charger Plus (EEBC500).

Contact us today via phone to schedule a consultation with us. We will get to work right away and assess your vehicle’s diagnostic needs.

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