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At Redline Speed Worx (RSW), we have partnered with industry leaders in the automotive industry to offer a comprehensive range of ECU Tuning options for all our valued clients and their Audi vehicles.

About Audi

Easily identified by the four-ring emblem, Audi is a leading German automobile manufacturer that designs and produces luxury and performance vehicles. However, the true power of these vehicles may still be hidden. Unlock that power with ECU Tuning!

Why Should You Do Audi ECU Tuning?

Oftentimes, automobile manufacturers include limitations as a safeguard against potential engine neglect, inferior fuels or just to satisfy fleet buyers’ buying specifications. However, these types of mistreatment scenarios do not apply to true performance car enthusiasts. Tuning your Audi’s ECU is important because it needs to be optimized for the climate, which maximizes engine and gearbox power output. You will then be able to realize the full potential of your Audi vehicle and acquire a distinct performance advantage. Need further confirmation that ECU Tuning is good for your car? Here is a list of more benefits:

  • Improve MPG during normal driving – reduces carbon foot-print
  • Remove flat spots and ensure smoother power delivery
  • Improve your vehicle’s throttle response
  • Enhance your car’s rev range
  • Improve fuel economy

What Redline Speed Worx Offers for Audi ECU Tuning

At Redline Speed Worx, our ECU Tuning services utilize an expertly recalibrated engine control strategy to tune your Audi’s engine’s operating parameters for smoother and more reliable power. The tuning options that we provide are also developed to work within the Tier 1 and Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications. These specifications pertain to the engine components’ stress tolerances and performance specifications. Here is a quick list of the things we do for ECU Tuning:

  • Fully re-program / code complete vehicle systems to factory specifics
  • Perform chip tuning software upgrades

At RSW, our ASE Certified and Factory Trained auto mechanics always recalibrate your Audi’s ECU within specifications of each engine component. You can rest assured that our ECU Tuning options never overstress your components for the sake of a few extra horsepower. Our goal is your smile, satisfaction and to bring out the extra torque and power that are currently locked within your vehicle’s engine management system.

If you wish to increase your Audi’s drivability and power by up to 40%, do not hesitate to call us today to schedule an appointment or bring your car in for a walk-in visit!

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