When being the fastest is not enough: BMW M4

Akrapovic for BMW M4 Redline Speed Worx RSW NJ
Posted By RSW Client ON Dec 6, 2016
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Remember that M4 writeup we published earlier this year, about the M4 with built with upgraded larger turbochargers, a built DCT Transmission, and upgraded Rear DSS Axles? (If not Read it here)

Well since leaving our customer has managed to record the highest trap speed thus far with the M3/M4 platform. Known as NJ_M4 to the forums, Dave has come back in pursuit of shaving some more time off his seasons best, 10.36 at 136 is not enough!

BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust Install NJ

Running 10.3 at 136 mph was very impressive, but what was possibly even more impressive was the minimal amount of modifications required. Like most who modify their personal cars, the process becomes both rewarding and addictive, and as the horse power and capability of the car grows, so do the customer expectations. In attempt to inch closer to that elusive 9 second mark the car is back today to shed some weight.

To improve the exhaust and increase performance we have elected to install an Akrapovic catback System on this car. Previously a resonator delete was performed at another facility and the result was a car that was louder, but didn’t necessarily sound “better”. When making improvements to well-designed vehicles, improving slightly beyond stock is easy, but to reach the highest levels of performance and reliability the best parts must be sought out.

BMW Akrapovic M4 Exhaust System

Luckily the professionals at Akrapovic not only can create and design exhaust systems with the utmost regard to performance, but they also have the technology to engineer the exhaust note.

Carbon Tips waiting to belt out the tune of 700 horsepower.

BMW M4 Akrapovic Exhaust Upgrade at RSW

BMW M4 Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips

Who says you can’t have Form and Function? If the devil is in the details this exhaust system is downright EVIL!

Akrapovic Exhaust for BMW in New Jersey at RSW

Akrapovic BMW M4 Exhaust Redline Speed Worx

New Jersey Akrapovic Exhaust Installation Center

In addition to the new exhaust system we are swapping the snow tires off of the stock wheels and moving them over to a set of HRE flow forms for winter duty. Pretty neat that with a simple swap of tires you can go from a 10 second drag strip weapon to a daily driver for commuting in the snow.

Big Meats coming off for some Pirelli Sottozero Winter Rubber.

BMW M4 Snow Tires Going On

BMW HRE FlowForm FF01

Down the road expect to see this car back at the drag strip with a set of bespoke lightweight forged HRE wheels built specifically for the goal at hand.

If you need any help finding or locating a set of high performance wheels and tires or Akrapovic Exhaust system for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to reach out! You can always call us at (908) 223-7477, E-mail us, or Book an Appointment directly through our website.